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By Meghan O'Neal 04/13/2020

Self expression is a truly individual endeavor. As such, the most important part about choosing your next piercing is whether or not you love the look.

However, trends have their own importance in society; there’s a reason why so many blogs and magazines are devoted to tracking current trends and anticipating next year’s aesthetic. Many of us enjoy sporting the trendiest styles, and body piercings are no different. (We are called FreshTrends, after all.)

If you love to be on top of the freshest looks, here’s a list of body piercings that are most in style.

Nostril piercings

This may come as no surprise, since they seem to be everywhere, but nostril piercings are among the most popular piercings out there. In fact, they are the second most popular piercing behind the lobe piercing.

Nostril piercings can be found on both men and women and look fantastic on both groups. Whether you want to rock a stud or a seamless hoop, the nostril piercing offers a platform for individual style, despite its popularity. Wanna go a little bolder? Try a double nostril piercing!

Daith piercings

Daith piercings have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Located in the thick cartilage above the ear canal, it’s the cartilage party addition. 

Decorate your daith piercing with an elaborate hoop, circular barbell, or curved barbell to add something extra to the inside of your ear. It makes an especially great addition to helix piercings or other piercings that appear around the rim of the ear.

Helix piercings

Helix piercings made their mainstream debut in the ‘90s, but they remain a cartilage party staple to this day. 

The helix piercing is one of the more versatile piercings, which perhaps lends to its popularity. You can choose hoops, circular or curved barbells, or cartilage studs for your helix piercing, and you can get your helix pierced pretty much as many times as you want. This piercing is perfect for those who crave individuality but don’t want to stray too far from mainstream fashion choices.

Rook piercings

These piercings take place above the daith piercing. Unlike most other ear piercing options, both the entry and exit points appear at the front of the ear, creating an alluring look. 

You can choose curved or circular barbells and hoop options for your rook piercing, and it looks fantastic on its own or in a cartilage party. Because everyone’s anatomy is different, some ears can’t accept the rook piercing. In this case, you can check out the snug piercing: a similar look that takes place in the cartilage fold by the side of your ear.

Navel piercings

I think that everyone remembers how we all wanted Christina Aguilera’s belly piercing back in the day. While the belly button piercing saw a surge of popularity in the ‘90s (in part because some of our favorite pop stars made it enviable), navel piercings have retaken mainstream fashion by storm.

It’s not difficult to figure out why. While they obviously look fantastic on a sunny beach day, they also look alluring peeking from beneath a crop top—a style that has also recently come into fashion. Plus, since we live in a time of body positivity, any body type can feel confident rocking this look.

Nipple piercings

It might come as a surprise that nipple piercings are gaining in popularity (probably because they’re often hidden), but that doesn’t change the fact that nipple piercings are on the rise.

It’s not just because it can make things more exciting in the bedroom (although, that can be a bonus). With progressive, body-positive movements, men and women alike are encouraged to be proud of their bodies and their sexuality. People are no longer ashamed to get sexier piercings, like nipple piercings and even genital piercings.

The great thing about nipple piercings is that you can get smaller jewelry styles that are more easily hidden under your shirt or you can go all out with fun looks. 

Even if you’re one who follows styles rather than sets them, you can still be at the head of the freshest trends when you shop at FreshTrends. Check out some of our jewelry for inspiration to help you choose your next piercing.

Meghan O'Neal

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