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By FT Admin 10/12/2016

So, when we think of piercings it is common to get the idea of something that is not only trendy, but that can bring a new fresh feeling to your everyday look. Accessorizing is key to making your already perfectly planned outfit that much better. That’s why today we will be reviewing the latest trends of our beloved body jewelry.

It seems like more and more piercings have become part of our mainstream culture, making things for all of us piercing lovers out there so much better, as not only do we get a lot more acceptance in our daily lives, but we also get to see a lot more designs and even our favorite celebrities sporting some awesome body jewelry.

Now, to dive right in to it, in recent years the septum has been seen over and over again, overflowing social media with cute styles from bohemian type jewelry to simple all metal hoops. This piercing, being in the center nostril area, can accentuate an elongated shape to the nose and can provide visual balance to the face, it can be very flattering on almost anyone, as we can see with celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (even though Katy’s was a faux septum on her promo shot for “This is how we do”) rocking this piercing, being all very different.

There is also an extra advantage to this particular piercing, as we know, piercings are not always accepted by everyone, and this piece can be hidden inside the nose with little to no discomfort, so going through having to take it out won’t be an issue.

Our next runner up on the list of trends is the multiple-piercings, apparently “the more the merrier” is not a foreign concept with this particular style. It seems that mixing and matching different pieces of jewelry is the norm, making this a very fun and exciting way of going about body jewelry. With this trend it is common to have them in different locations, but what has been most seen is multiple piercings on the ears (Helix, snug, tragus, upper lobe, forward helix etc). Having it be one of the fastest healing piercings, as cartilage is less prune to infections (with the proper care!). We are sure that multiple-piercings will very soon skyrocket, as it allows for a more personal look.

And finally, we have the smiley, this is a piercing that has been blowing up social media as well, with many women and girls showing off their beautiful smiles and their cute tiny jewelry. This piercing, as well as the septum, is easily hidden and that’s actually what makes it so exciting, that it’s not always visible, because the piercing is placed in the inner lip, on the superior labial frenulum, so it only truly shows when you smile, hence the funny name. This piercing can be very flirtatious and is a very delicate and alluring detail, but, as with any piercing, it must be very well thought out, as it’s in constant contact with your teeth.


Having seen the trends for this year, it’s pretty clear we are heading towards a piercing friendly world, little by little body jewelry, and personal style, is gaining room in our daily lives. More and more we’re seeing work environments that are friendly to individuality and embrace uniqueness. It also helps to have designers like Alexander McQueen putting up runways with models sporting facial piercings in the shape of safety pins, even if they are faux piercings and obviously not for day to day wear. It’s also great to have well known piercer like J. Colby Smith, stating that his goal is to give people something they can still go to the gym in, nothing too crazy, so it’s wearable and stylish.

So, if you feel excited and would like to take a look at your possible new piercing, have it be one of our trends or any other piece of jewelry, feel free to browse our site at, where you can find anything from super cute and whimsical style jewelry to edgy clean cut pieces, for all type of piercings: www.freshtrends.com


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