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By FT Admin 10/17/2016

Its no surprise to anyone that the 90’s have been making quite a come back in the last year and with them we’ve seen all kinds of accessories reappear in fashion, such as chokers, floral hairbands and to our delight, piercings!

Yes! Piercings have been formally reintroduced this past NYFW as part of our official fashion culture and they are all the rage! From Alexander McQueen chain ear cuffs to Koche’s multiple piercings trends, with nose rings and cartilage piercings all mixed together, and, of course, septum’s still staying strong since last year, with pieces such as the ones created by Delfina Delettrez, reputable-young jewelry designer from the Fendi family.

septum clickers

Delfina Delettrez

Trends for fall include dark metal jewelry, gold touches, chains almost resembling spider webs! As the fashion show’s accessories in general, seemed to bring back a bit of that old but always-good Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas aesthetics. And it’s no surprise either, as we mustn’t forget Halloween is coming! And earthy colors, as well as dark neutrals are always there to remind us of the fun and exciting festivities to come. So decorative elements to our already very beloved body jewelry aren’t far behind, It’s always fun to integrate our body mods to our outfits and with super cute designs such as spiders, Halloween bats, skeleton hands and so on, the holidays only get better!

Also, with the 90’s comeback there seems to have been a revival of punk, goth and grungy looks, so feathers, tribal designs, daisies, crosses and so on are also appearing in the piercing realm, with awesome nose ring curves, in all colors!

It seems to be like the beginning of the end of the year by the time fall comes around, if that makes any sense! But with holidays just around the corner we can’t just sit back and leave everything for the last minute! So, as we have gone through the trends now it’s up to you to create your looks!

FT Admin

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