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You’ve seen them everywhere lately: Mustaches. Also known as a ‘stache, mouth brow, face fungus, lip rug, lip toupée; this fun trend is completely taking over.

While there’s no consensus on how the trend got started, one theory is that it originated as an ironic poke at hipsters because they were growing mustaches. And, you know, hipsters do stuff that ISN’T fashionable.

Taking the trend in a more unusual route was the creators of “Movember”.  Per their site “Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Men grow and women support a Mo (mustache) for 30 days to become walking, talking billboards, for our men’s health causes.”

Side note: The gentlemen in our office participated in Movember—only one made it to the last week. This proves the patience and maintenance required is no joke. On November 30, the ladies of the office sported their own ‘staches to show support.

It’s hit mainstream in a major way. You can see mustache tattoos, mustache belly rings, and even fun little mustaches at wedding photo booths. Weddings, bars, and next…the world! Silly and whimsical, they are just fun!

In case you were wondering, some famous mustache-sporting celebrities are: Burt Reynolds, Groucho Marx, John Waters, Tom Selleck, Chuck Norris, Charlie Chaplin, Borat, Albert Einstein, and Salvador Dali.


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