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By Meghan O'Neal 11/21/2018

You’re sitting at the holiday dinner table, surrounded by the people you love most in the world, feeling safe and cozy. As the food gets passed around and the hum of happy conversation fills the room, your heart feels full. This is what the holiday season is about.

But then you look over and see your Great Aunt Sally sneaking a snide side-eye. Suddenly, you’re painfully aware of the hoop gracing your septum piercing. Your holiday spirit diminishes as the room feels colder than before.

If your family is anywhere near normal, then you probably have a judgy Great Aunt Sally who holds tightly to her antiquated views. While you may not be able to avoid political debates or questions of whether you’re dating anyone, you can still dodge the unwanted comments about your body jewelry. Here are some ideas to hide your piercings from the Great Aunt Sally in your family this holiday season.

Hide your piercing in plain site with piercing retainers

If your piercings are still healing or you have to spend an extended period of time with your family, and you’re worried about your piercing closing, then retainers are a great way to subtly keep your body piercing hidden. If you have a septum piercing or a cartilage piercing, then retainers will be a lot less noticeable than in other facial piercings. Regardless of your piercing location, the clear plastic of a retainer is fairly difficult to spot, especially for the older family members with poor eyesight. (Psst, take advantage of our limited 30% off almost everything sale and purchase some retainers on the cheap.)

Cover your piercing with Band-Aids

Teenagers have long known the power of the Band-Aid to cover pimples. Now you, too, can embrace this power by hiding your piercing beneath. Band-Aids work wonderfully to cover smaller pieces of jewelry or empty piercing holes that might gain attention by an eagle-eyed relative.

Man with Band-Aid
Photo by Tuce on Unsplash

If you choose to go the Band-Aid route, make sure you have a good story behind it. Dealing with the unsightly adhesive will be more fun if you also gain sympathy points. Some recommendations: a split eyebrow received while saving a stranger from a mugger (but you should see the other guy), a scraped nose from climbing a tree to save your elderly neighbor’s cat, or a bloodied lip earned while volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build.

Wear your hair down

FreshTrends hide your piercings behind long hair

Cartilage piercings can be fairly easily hidden with long hair styles. Outer cartilage piercings are easier to hide this way, but if you remain mindful, you can keep your entire ear hidden all night. However, this option is fairly risky. There’s nothing worse than being caught in a deception, so you’ll want to be sure that you can keep your jewelry hidden lest Great Aunt Sally accusingly pulls your hair back to reveal your crime.

Go nude

Nude jewelry offers an excellent option if your disapproving family members have poor vision. Flat, skin-tone pieces of jewelry can easily be taken for a mole or a blemish. If you have stretched lobes, this may be the best option for you. There are tons of nude plug options available that will ensure that your jewelry is subtle. Although stretched lobes with larger gauges will never be fully hidden, skin-tone plugs will create a look that even the most conservative family member can accept.

Bonus: Freak your family out with fake body jewelry

Some of us prefer to rock the boat a bit during the holiday season. If you have only a few facial piercings, or none at all, teach your judgmental kin a lesson in acceptance by showing up with fake body jewelry pieces. These fake pieces work well in a variety of piercing locations, including the cartilage, lips, and the septum.

After you’ve had to hide your style all Thanksgiving, you’ll need an outlet for your curbed fashion sense. What better way than to update your body jewelry collection? Don’t miss FreshTrends’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales with amazing deals, including up to 90% off of tons of products and free shipping on orders exceeding $30. This is a sale you can’t afford to miss!

Meghan O'Neal

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