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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

From time to time, readers of the Freshtrends piercing and body jewelry blog write to ask where to go for a piercing where they can be sure it’s safe, clean, etc. Obviously I don’t know a piercer in every single town, but a safe bet is to check out the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) at safepiercing.org. From their site name, safety is one of the main concerns of the association.

Any piercer that took the time to join the association would have to take the time to apply, pay membership fees, and agree to comply by certain standards. In fact it’s the industry associations that usually set the standards for their industry. If your piercer takes the time to go through the process of application and cares enough to pay the annual fee, then chances are they take the time to ensure their studio is safe and clean and they care about the image they have as a professional piercer.

On the SafePiercing.org website, you can go to locate a piercing studio to find someone in your area who’s a member (thought the website says you should double check and ask the studio to be sure).  If you’re a piercer and you’re not a member, you might want to check it out this site since it will most definitely help your business to be able to show off your membership.

I’m a fan of having standards in place when it comes to any professional working with my body. From my massage therapist to my tattoo artist, they are all involved in the industry and have the credentials to show for it. That’s my personal preference – what about you? Are you concerned about professional credentials when it comes to your piercings and tattoos?

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