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This month is your time to step forward in all that you do. Make your presence known at school or work. June is a month of change for you, and Pluto and Saturn will help you out. Your friends might not agree with some of the changes that you need to make in your life, but you will not be disappointed. June is the beginning of a new life.


This will be a busy month for you, and there is not a lot of time to get things done. The money that you have invested will begin to work either for you or against you.



Get ready for some big changes in your life. The dreams and decisions that you have been pondering are about to come true. The end of the month is the best time to make big decisions about love and life. Time alone would be a good thing in the first half of the month.



Your life is about to become busy. Your career, life, family and relationships will all be affected by your good mood and cheerful personality. A new relationship is waiting in the wings. At the end of the month, make a choice about your future and the way that it is headed.


All of the work that you have done lately will finally benefit you. Your career will take off as leaders see your efforts. Concentrate on doing more for others this month.



You will be running around everywhere trying to get things accomplished in your life. A sudden trip may occur at the end of the month. Take some time for yourself



This is the month hat your relationships will blossom. Spend time with your family and those you love. Plan a budget at the end of June, and have fun with extra income.



This is the month when you will need to concentrate on organizing your life. Stop spending time alone and include your loved ones in your life.



Leave the door open for a new love in your life. Spend more time at work, and you could be rewarded in a big way.



Take the time to get your finances in order. Someone may walk into your life with more than friendship in mind.



There will be more people for you to talk to in your life. Work on your home and improve the appearance. Enjoy time out in the sun.



Shopping is in your near future. An extra bit of money will allow you to splurge on yourself. A move could be in store for you at the end of June.


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