By Cierra

I decided to order several pairs of 0g plugs from because a lot of their plugs I haven’t seen anywhere else. One pair I decided to order were the tiger’s eye plugs. They were a more subtle pair of stone I could get away with at family functions and the like.

I didn’t realize these pair of tiger’s eye plugs had a diamond cut until they arrived! Online, the picture makes the plug look like it’s flat- just like any other stone plug. When I looked at it, the front resembled the cut of a diamond, and the coloring was beautiful. A subdued brilliance of browns and yellows. When you move the plugs in the light, so many shades of earthy colors hit and shows off their beauty. I’d say they’re a nice quality. Nicely polished and not too heavy at all. Also the flares on these saddle plugs will more-than-likely keep them in your ear. I’ve gone up a few sizes since the 0g pair I’ve bought, but I’ll surely buy some more plugs once I stop stretching- especially these tiger eye pair.

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