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Holidays 2010 – Makeup Trends You Love

Makeup trends come and makeup trends go even though most of the time practically anything goes anyway – but with each year’s Holiday season you want to shine, stand out and do it with pizzazz!  So, this year the trends out there make it a little easier because whether you choose to go for the sexy, sultry look of smoky eyes or the fresh and young expression of youth – you can do it with flair when you stick to the basics that we’ve outlined here:

Smoky Eyes

Pretty much anything goes here.  Smoky purples, husky grays, even deep and dark blacks.  All these shades are great ways to command attention to your eyes and keep people’s gaze locked on those sexy lids.

Dull metallic

The opportunities are endless when you go metallic.  Eyes, cheeks, face, lips or nails – all around, using glittery gold for eyes and lips, dull silver for nails, and bronze and copper on your cheeks will definitely add life to your party.  Step out in style and stand out from the crowd when these trendy metallic shades make your face light up!

Lip Colors

Lips are just about the sexiest part of your face and during the Holidays everyone wants to show ‘em off!  Fill them up with reds, neutrals, golds, warm tones and load up those lips with intense color, making them shine and sparkle during this year’s festivities.

Neutral tones

Neutral doesn’t have to mean bland.  You can paint your face and your nails with tawny taupe, beiges, smoky grays and musky whites – and end up with a surprisingly fresh look.  A little bit of mascara packs some punch on your neutral lids, some warm tones on your lips breathes life into your face and the glow you’ll get from the metallic sheen on your cheeks will make you perfect for all those holiday bashes.

Remember, the most important thing is to be you – no matter what color you choose to use on your face.  And keep in mind, when you’re comfortable in your own skin, you shine.

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