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By Meghan O'Neal 07/31/2019

If you’re new to the piercing world, the diction can be overwhelming. It might seem as though picking out body jewelry is as easy as choosing the style that you love, but there are health and comfort considerations to make as well.

Your jewelry choices will depend upon the piercing that you’ve received and your anatomy. After you’ve purchased a few jewelry items, you’ll discover your preferred styles, and you’ll find that buying body jewelry becomes easy.

Until then, we’ve put together a guide on flat back studs so that you can have a better idea if it’s the style for you. Here’s what you need to know.

What are flat back studs?

Flat back studs, also called labret studs or flat disc studs, comprise of a post, a charm at one end, and a flat back that screws into the post to secure the jewelry.

The only difference between flat back studs and cartilage studs is that cartilage studs typically feature a ball backing.

When should you wear flat back studs?

Flat back studs are perfect when you need a flush fit.

In lip piercings, flat back studs are essential (which is why they are often referred to as labret studs). Your jewelry must conform to the lip in order to avoid rubbing against your teeth and gums, which could lead to oral issues.

But, flat back studs are becoming more and more popular in cartilage piercings as well. In piercings that beg for daintier jewelry styles, like the tragus piercing, the flat disc back allows for a discrete backing. If you’re one who only wants your jewelry to shine from the front of your ear, then the flat disc backing is for you.

Internally vs. externally threaded flat back studs

In any piercing with threading (jewelry that screws together), you’ll encounter the terms “internal threading” and “external threading”. The difference between the two might at first seem arbitrary, but it’s actually quite important.

Internal threading is when the threading appears on the inside of the post and the outside of the backing. External threading is when the threading appears on the outside of the post and the inside of the backing.

internally threaded flat disc back post
An internally threaded flat back post. The threading appears on the inside of the post.

Typically, internally threaded jewelry is more expensive, but higher quality, than externally threaded pieces. This is because it’s more difficult to produce internal threading, but internal threading is safer for your piercing since the threading won’t scrape on your piercing hole like it does in externally threaded pieces.

Once your piercing has fully healed, you could opt for externally threaded jewelry. However, during healing, you must choose internally threaded jewelry. It’s also important to keep in mind that externally threaded jewelry can damage even a healed piercing, so we always recommend internally threaded body jewelry.

(Pssst… All of our body jewelry is internally threaded.)

When you want a flush fit in your body jewelry stud, then you want a flat disc backing. Be sure to check out all of our flat disc back jewelry, and find your next body jewelry piece.

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Meghan O'Neal

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