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By FT Admin 08/20/2013
A special thanks to Brie Antila for allowing us to use this photo.
The tattoo was done by Chris Bowen at Vintage Soul Tattoo https://www.facebook.com/VintageSoulTattooLlc


We all know how serious of a passion many people share for that special tattoo permanently displayed as an indelible showing of personal expression. It’s meaning, more often than not, is an explanation most are more than happy to share. Yet what about the downsized and often discrete? The sometimes secluded side of skinned symbolism? Perhaps unnoticeable at first, you may find yourself paying closer attention to the subliminally infinite possibilities to which the appendages of people’s hands may behold.

Enter the influential and all encompassing finger tattoo, especially those done on the slim sides of the hand’s digits, which have become quite trendy these days, especially among Hollywood’s big names. Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna (who also has the word “love” inked on another finger), and British singer Lily Allen all sport the word “Shhh” along the sides of their index fingers. This spot allows for some really clever “now you see it, now you don’t” action!



Essentially, their micro-representation entrusts just as much of the inspired storytelling as any other your canvassed physique can posses and have quickly become the rage spanning all tattoo disciplines and designs. And lest we forget all finger tattoos may be small, yet not all are necessarily secretive. From “eternal” wedding rings to Roman numerals depicting a special date or time, to simple lettering spelling out something sacred (or not). Many designs often combine on the fingers words of wisdom, (or not), like Rihanna’s throwback to Tupac with “THUG LIFE.” While some others go beyond the call of verbal relevance altogether, think Steve-O’s infamous “F**K YOU” across his knuckles.

And that’s the beauty of getting inked particularly where personal expression represented by the sense of touch is concerned. Just be wary of that one oddball acquaintance with the number 13 tattooed on the inside of his/her fingers putting his hand on your forehead and muttering the words “I curse you.” Finger tats: oh, the possibilities for expression are endless!

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