The iconic depiction of this sign is universal man (the Water-Bearer) pouring water from a jug. The waters of life represent creative ideas that spring from minds free from restraints. Despite the water, this sign, which occurs between January 20-February 18th, is considered an intellectual air sign.

Aquarians are intellectually sharp, friendly, imaginative and attracted to concepts and ideas. They are eloquent speakers, thinkers and natural born communicators, but they often have difficulty expressing personal emotions, and as such may seem distant and aloof to others. They don’t make friends or take lovers easily but once they do, that relationship becomes sacred and tenacious and they can be unreasonably demanding of their partners and/or friends.

Aquarians work best in group projects, especially if they are leaders. Their thirst for knowledge makes them excellent scientists and natural historians.  The electrical, aviation and radio industries are also superior venues for Aquarians. They have an energetic spirit, albeit sometimes it is erratic with a know-it-all attitude and at others quite brilliant.

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