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By Destiny 03/29/2017

The internet is filled with plenty of things that degrade, demoralize, and downright marginalize women. Like in real life, there are opportunities, and then there are bear traps hidden in the jungle of the internet, ready to prey on our insecurities and distract us from what’s important. Even through all of the bullshit though, there are still some incredible people out there that are standing up for women and offering them the support they need to triumph over the white noise and misogyny, and truly come into their own. Inspired by the struggles of my own teenage sister this week, here’s a compilation of five women on the internet that are serving as voices of strength and upstanding role models for us all.

Sheri West, LiveGirl

First up, we have a woman that is literally changing young girls’ lives – Every. Single. Day.

Sheri West is the founder of LiveGirl, an organization that provides year-round leadership development & mentoring for girls that need help finding their strength and direction in the world. Based out of Connecticut, LiveGirl gives girls the tools they need to love themselves and put society’s aspersions aside about how they’re supposed to be.

With guest speakers, summer camps, and a vision to change the warped perception girls have of themselves, Sheri and her team at LiveGirl are making a real difference for young women every day. Man, I wish I could have gone to something like this when I was that age.

Happy campers ?

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Embrace your original, quirky self. Know that self-confidence comes not from others liking you, but from you loving yourself. When you truly believe in yourself, you will become unstoppable and astounding things will happen!
 Sheri West, Founder of LiveGirl

Teenage years are notoriously hard for women, and as society continues to try to mold young girls into an image instead of a voice, programs like LiveGirl are more critical than ever to preserving their self-esteem internally. I love this image from their Instagram feed:

Livegirl confidence quote from Instagram
You can learn more about the LiveGirl programs and how you can help here.

Amani Alkhat, MuslimGirl

With the current climate in America and around the world, Muslim women are at the center of an unpleasant social stigma that stereotypes them, without ever even asking them for their opinion. Amani is looking to change all of that.

In her incredible blog, Amani and her team tackle those social stigmas head on, and give Muslim women a real voice and place to discuss everything from interfaith topics to hijab fashion trends. Her message is sincere and simple – Muslim women are more than the headlines on the news, and they want to be a part of the conversation again.

“Beautifully written with such truth and honesty…” ? #muslimgirlbookclique

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I was so touched and inspired when I came across Amani’s site. Not only has she VERY bravely put herself at the forefront of an open, honest discussion about the lifestyles of Muslim women, but she’s created a safe space for those women to go for news and content that is tailored to their lifestyle. It’s a place for Muslim women to feel at home and empowered, and for the rest of us to learn and support them.

MuslimGirl Instagram image
You can check out some of the content on MuslimGirl here.

Laci Green, Sex Ed for the Internet

Sex is something we see a lot of on the internet, from suggestive posts, to revealing photos, and even to lewd photos and videos. It’s perfectly natural for teens to take an interest in sex, but this is a conversation that’s important for us to lead.

Laci Green is getting it all out in the open with her funny, engaging, and shockingly honest videos that cover everything from homosexual sex to the myths about virginity. Her content cuts right to the point, no bullshit, and gives young women (and men alike) the information they need to make smart, informed choices.

I don’t have a child that’s at the age for this content yet, but I seriously doubt by the time that I do that there will be a better option than an honest conversation and some Laci Green videos. People, THIS is the sex education we ALL need to be watching and learning from. Skip the BS from the school, and know what your family is being taught. In the meantime, satisfy your own curiosity too. Laci covers topics a lot of us may have never explored on our own, even as adults, and the content is always entertaining.

You can check out Laci’s YouTube channel here.

Danielle Doby, I am her tribe

Danielle Doby, a writer, artist, and social influencer, is a songbird for women who can’t find the words to express what they need to thrive. She frequently puts out empowering messages that reach into the very core of our insecurities, and paints a picture with photography and writing that is both haunting and moving.

One day you wake up and your alone just feels so damn good. ⠀ You find yourself no longer running, watering down, or numbing your pain from the inside out. Instead, you choose to feel this life, to lean into the cracks, explore the dark crevices + allow your chest to break open into an expansion—knowing that it’s here, great love awaits you. ⠀ You’ll catch your smile in the rear view mirror when lyrics play that you swore you’d never dance to again after he left, and you’ve learned how to sleep soundly in the middle of your own bed. ⠀ ⠀ You no longer search outside yourself for the answers or to feel a sense of completion, your truth is already beating right inside you. You decide that you are worth choosing, you and all your one million layers, so you make the decision to belong here. ⠀ Right here and now. ⠀ Just as you are. ⠀ ⠀ Knowing that you’re the one you’ve been waiting for. ⠀ #iamhertribe new locks by @triciaevanssalon

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Her Instagram feed and Facebook pages are treasures troves of words to live by, and she takes great pride in leading girls to the truths within themselves. If your daughter is an Instagram prowler, tell her to follow #iamhertribe. It’ll give her food for thought, and a feeling of sisterhood at a time in her life that may seem very isolating to her.

iamhertribe Instagram photo

Become fluid in choosing you. What do I mean by choosing yourself? Find places, people and things that bring you fully alive, then have the courage to boldly say NO to anything else that dims the fires within you. Do not get caught up in comparing yourself to others, or start a war within the walls of your own skin. Strong. Smart. Kind. Worthy of it all. Only you get to write the rules of what is beautiful, and once you realize this, no one can ever take that away from you.

Danielle Doby, I am her tribe

You can check out Danielle’s Instagram feed here.

Hedwych Veeman, Wrap You in Love

Trust in your abilities and believe in yourself. If you don’t, who would?

– Hedwyche Veeman, Founder of Wrap You in Love

For young women that have entered the circle of motherhood, Hedwych is a voice of calm and strength to help you through those turbulent waters. This tattooed Dutch badass mama is actually a complete softy and a huge advocate for the practice of babywearing.

Wrap You in Love

Her instructional videos don’t just teach perplexed mothers how to use wraps to carry their babies – her blog and site supports a fundamental parenting style that embraces closeness and respect for children. Natural and attachment parenting is her focus, and she puts out fantastic content and giveaways to help parents around the world to connect with a beautiful take on the age-old practice of child-rearing.

I LOVE Hedwyche’s content, but her videos are a labor of love. If you have a few bucks to spare, show her some love here at her Patreon account so she can keep doing what she does best.

You can subscribe to Wrap You in Love’s YouTube channel here.

We’re all on our phones all the time, performing the endless scroll through social media, but there are real women out there doing really amazing things. By all means, learn how to do the perfect brow and get your fitspo fix on, but don’t miss out on inspiring content that can brighten your spirit and strengthen your sense of self – follow these empowering women, and support their messages and missions.


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