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By FT Admin 05/29/2015

Words of wisdom always echo time. They embrace everything from motivation to retribution, and when the right idea incorporates a little creativity, you have scriptures that run skin-deep – for a lifetime.

Unique. In their own words. They are quote tattoos.

World-class musicians, athletes and all other celebrities are known to proudly showcase such eclectic ink. And why not?

Any and all tattoos entrusted with written expression define so much more, especially when backed with the undeniable force of the hashtag. Actress Megan Fox became well known for her tattoos that contain quotes from the 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. A now-infamous one reads: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Translation lost or not, only seconds divide such #tattooquotes from lesser-known phrases to global recognition.

Like social media trends, tattoos in the written word have become enormously popular. For one, literal originality forever carries personal significance that speaks volumes. But most of all, quoted tattoos greatly influence any other genre within the inked spectrum. It can be a passage that can resonate with all who notice or hold a personal relationship with whoever possesses it. A prime example of such discretion is a tattoo that speaks to a particular area of the body with obvious privacy restrictions or is simply written within another language, perhaps Sanskrit?

Ah, quote tattoos… these independent thoughts and poetic representations forever inked unto thy flesh! Ideas that have the power to portray something as individualistic as the individual, whether they are incorporated as part of a trend, or to commemorate something notable, they rock.

FT Admin

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