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Woman with a septum piercing
By Meghan O'Neal 02/25/2020

Besides cartilage piercings, nose piercings have become one of the most popular piercing types. As the most accepted facial piercing, nostril piercings have taken the fashion world by storm. You can decorate your nostril with an adorable hoop, a gorgeous gemstone, or a super cute charm, making this popular piercing your own.

But, don’t stop at the nostril piercing. More and more alternative nose piercing styles have become popularized in recent years making your nose the place to get pierced.

Whether you’re looking for the classic nostril piercing or you want something a little more unique, here are our favorite nose piercing styles and the jewelry that rocks in them.

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Double nostril piercing

Two is better than one, and it’s certainly true with a nostril piercing. Two piercings side-by-side in your nostril not only look amazing, but since it’s still subtle, you can probably pull it off in a professional environment as well (depending on your boss, of course).

Two hoops—seamless or captive bead rings—are a popular choice for the double nostril piercing, or you can go subtler with two dainty studs. If you really want something unique, try one hoop and one stud. It’s your piercing; don’t be afraid to go wild!

Septum piercing

You’ve probably noticed this piercing gaining popularity over the years, and it’s no wonder why; it tends to have an edgier feel while maintaining the cuteness of a nose piercing. It’s also one of the less risky piercings; since the piercing takes place inside your nose, you won’t see any piercing scars, and you can easily hide it from your boss (or more conservative relatives).

The septum piercing looks fantastic in a wide variety of hoop options, including the subtle seamless hoop, the slightly bolder captive bead ring, or more elaborate clicker and segment hoop styles. You can also decorate your septum piercing with a circular barbell. Less popular, but equally adorable, are curved barbells.

High nostril piercing

What do you do when you want the aesthetic of the nostril piercing, but you don’t want to look the same as everyone else who has one? Try the high nostril piercing! The high nostril piercing is similar to the standard nostril piercing, but it’s placed higher up in the nostril, as the name implies. You can get it as high up as your cartilage allows.

Since the high nostril piercing is higher up, you’ll have to opt for a stud over a hoop. However, there are tons of stud options to choose from, so never fear; you’ll have a large variety of jewelry at your disposal.

Multiple nose piercings

Many people ask, “Can I get more than one nose piercing?” We say, why not? We love the look of different nose piercing types mixed together.

Try getting a nostril piercing and a septum piercing. Or, combine a regular nostril piercing with a high nostril piercing. We’ve even seen people get both nostrils and their septum pierced with gorgeous results. As long as you plan your piercings well, there’s no reason why you can’t get somewhat of a nose piercing party.

Bridge piercing

Slightly different than the other nose piercings on this list, this is a surface piercing that takes place on the bridge of the nose between the eyes. Since it’s filled with a curved barbell, it has an alluring double pierced look that we love. 

While this piercing can only take curved barbells, since other jewelry types will get rejected, you can get creative with the barbell ends that you choose. Go sparkly with a diamond or gemstone. Or, you can get colorful with an opal or faux turquoise. Whatever curved barbell you choose, one thing is for certain: this is one piercing that’s sure to gain attention.

Just because nose piercings are incredibly popular these days doesn’t mean that they can’t stand out. Shop for fine body jewelry, and fill your nose piercing—whichever you choose—with jewelry that’s sure to turn heads.

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Meghan O'Neal

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