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What are your shoes saying about you?

They say you can tell a lot about a woman by looking at her feet. NOT so. Since she doesn’t have much choice about her feet, it makes much more sense to check out the next best thing –her shoes. Now there’s something that will tell you a LOT about a woman!

Think about it.  If you see someone wearing Birkenstocks – what do you imagine?  Vegetarian.  Animal lover.  Never set foot in a spa or a salon.  Likes organic stuff.  Am I right, so far?  Someone wearing six-inch spiked heel Jimmy Choos, on the other hand, is probably NOTHING like the Birkenstock chick.

Since shoes can say so much about a person, I thought it’d be useful to give you a rundown of three basic classifications and the impression that each generally gives off.


Clearly, shoes that are practical are shoes that are sensible and the general consensus is these women go shopping for them at places like outdoor sporting goods stores. Shoes like those have really nature-sounding names, like “Timber Creek” (I made that up) or “Nature’s Spun” or whatever else they can come up with that sounds like it came out of a bird sanctuary. They are usually made of all-natural leather, designed in a way that one doesn’t have to replace the pair till they either outgrow them or hike them to death through the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you think about the types of women that generally wear these kinds of shoes – they are sensible people. They don’t want to be stuck with cold feet – literally – just so they can “look good”. They’d rather be real. Or at least that’s how they perceive it anyway.


This is the fun one. Obviously, there are a million stereotypes that go along with women who wear sexy shoes – and sensible is not one of them. Sexy shoes say a lot about how a girl feels about herself. Unafraid to express openly that she is into looking and feeling good, women who wear the really strappily sexy shoes are usually the same who dress to the nines, have perma-manicured and pedicured nails and sport a designer bag that costs more than most people’s car cost them. Not to mention, along with sexy, comes fun. Now, this has nothing to do with whether you’re a blond or a brunette – it’s all in the shoes, baby! Imagine going dancing
in plain Jane, boring old loafers? Nnnope


The wardrobe that goes along with these type of shoes usually consists of neutral colors, solids, classic designs and age-old pieces, fewer quantity but higher quality items – and, of course, the nice standard (square) pumps. I’m not talking square shaped, mind you. Although there may be some pairs that fit the square-shaped description too. Square, to me, means no-nonsense. Simple. If there are laces, then there are just enough to lace up the shoe. Nothing more and nothing less. And nothing really fashionable about them either; more like functional. What are the women who buy these shoes thinking when they choose these? Easy. They don’t want any added interference in their want shoes that don’t interfere with their daily lives. Ones that allow them to focus on other, far more important things like arranging a fundraiser benefit for the local Rotary Club – or what their moves are going to be at the next game of bridge. To mess around with fluff, as these women would say it, is a waste of valuable time.

So an important lesson lies between all these lines: choose wisely. Think about what message your shoes may be saying about you. The bottom line is this – wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. These images and stereotypes are just that – stereotypes. Who says a girl who owns a hundred seventy-five Manolo Blahniks can’t hike through the Rockies? And what makes the woman who chooses to wear leather flats have a “square” profession to go with her “square” shoes. What I’m saying is that even though the basics elements of some of these shoe impressions are true – they don’t have to be. You are what you wear – and you wear what you are, so the choice is yours. Obviously!

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