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Hematite carries a number of physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties. The name comes from the Greek word haima, meaning blood, due to the reddish color found in some forms of the mineral. Hematite is iron oxide and is both harder and more brittle than pure iron.

Various cultures over time used the reddish stones as a pigment, crushing them for color in cave paintings or for ceremonial body paint that offered protection in battle. Most hematite used today is gunmetal gray in color, and it has a polished, highly reflective surface.

As a physical aid, hematite is used to support organ and other bodily functions as well as to relieve symptoms and promote healing. It’s associated primarily with the kidneys and the blood. Some typical uses include support for general kidney function, aiding the absorption of iron into the bloodstream, stopping excessive blood loss from injury and removing toxins from the blood. It may also help balance hormones.

Hematite is thought to calm the nerves, to relieve headaches, and to improve both mental capacity and memory. It can be worn to counter the negative energy effects acquired from frequently using a computer or other electronics. Hematite is sometimes paired with magnets for enhanced healing.

On an emotional or spiritual level, hematite is used to both ground personal energy and to assimilate higher energies. Hematite helps the wearer use spiritual energy in the physical world, and it supports the attainment of hopes and dreams. It does this by releasing negative thoughts and reducing stress, including judgment over the nature of personal dreams and goals. It encourages people to aim high and not limit themselves. It is thought to enhance intuition, and it can increase optimism and personal magnetism as well. Hematite has a positive and balancing influence on the body, mind and spirit.

Hematite also has uses in the everyday world. It is considered a potent talisman that protects anyone who wears or carries it. Meditating with the stone is believed to help in legal disputes and judgments by increasing the odds of a positive outcome. Hematite’s calming influence and release of negative judgment provide other benefits as well, preventing the wearer from becoming too involved in other people’s problems.

Hematite is associated with the first, root chakra, helping to calm fears. It’s also related to the astrological sign Aries and its ruling planet, Mars.

Large bezel CZ plugs
Large bezel CZ plugs
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Black Onyx Double Flare Tunnel Stone Plugs

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