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“Nothing to wear, I’ve got nothing to WEAR!”

Ok, so we’ve all said it before. Being women, it’s kind of our prerogative, y’know?

But for the fuller figured woman, the problem of ‘having nothing to wear’ was a very real one until fairly recently, when companies started acknowledging that plus size women like nice clothes too, and began producing designs for them.

Now there are any number of stores carrying gorgeous, stylish outfits for the curvier woman. But still, these women are dressing unfashionably, carrying themselves badly, hating the way they look and hiding the way they feel. Well, it’s time for a change. This post is devoted to helping the plus size woman understand what suits her and what she can and can’t wear. Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful…

Here are our top tips for plus size dressing:

1.       Choose clothes that fit well.

That means no skin-tight outfits. Ditto tent-like garments that will only make you look bigger than you are. When you buy clothes, avoid picking up the first thing that fits and rushing it to the counter. Try it on, and look, really look at yourself in the mirror. Does it fit well, drape over your body, or does it ride up, look stretched and strained, or hang unflatteringly like a sack?

2.       Don’t fall into the trap of always wearing black.

You might think this is the most forgiving color, but there are many darker shades which are just as flattering. How about a warm chocolate, a trendy charcoal, or an unusual dark blue? If you must wear black, try to choose clothes made of a thicker, more expensive fabric, as cheap black material becomes see-through in places when stretched across the body.

3.       Understand which fabrics flatter your shape and which don’t.

Heavier, more expensive materials like wool and thick georgette will skim your curves without clinging. Silk and lycra will stick to you in all the wrong places and make you look bigger.

4.       Identify your best features and accentuate them.

Got shapely calves and ankles? Show them off with a knee-length skirt and pretty heels. Feel that your shoulders and neck are your best feature? Pick tops with wide necklines and wear an attention-grabbing necklace. At the same time, you can ‘play down’ those parts of your body you don’t like (hips, tummy, etc.) with dark colors and clever draping.

5.       Invest in some good undergarments.

Well-fitting lingerie is a must for holding in all those problem areas and streamlining the figure.

6.       Finally, carry yourself with confidence and feel good about yourself.

You never look so unattractive as when you hunch over or stare at the ground instead of meeting peoples’ eyes. Walk tall, and your figure and clothes will automatically look better.

It really is that simple. Make the most of your assets, shop wisely, and invest in quality pieces that are cut really well. Remember that you have just as much right to look good as anyone else!

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