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By FT Admin 04/24/2019

These days, it seems as though everything can be turned into a party. Gender reveal parties turn learning the sex of your baby into a full-blown affair. Pre-conception parties allow for a bachelorette-style bash before attempting to get pregnant. Some even opt to have divorce parties, celebrating their attempt at marriage and transition into post-marriage friendship. What can we say? We’re a generation that likes to party.

Why stop there?

While many opt to bring a friend along for moral support during a piercing, some choose to go the extra mile and get pierced in a group. Piercing parties brings a social element to the piercing process. To many, new piercings are a spiritual event that they wish to share with those that they love. Others simply enjoy the fun of having friends around while undergoing the needle.

But, what exactly does a piercing party entail? Here’s all you need to know about the world of piercing parties.

What is a piercing party?

It’s truly as simple as it sounds. A piercing party is a gathering of people to have some fun and either get pierced or watch someone else get pierced.

Piercing parties are a great opportunity to network with those in the piercing world and learn about different piercing types. You can also see how more unique piercings, like a dermal piercing, are done. It’s a great way to do some research if you’re looking for a new piercing. It’s also a great arena for moral support if you choose to get pierced as well.

Where should I host my piercing party?

Often, a piercing studio will host a piercing party where they’ll offer discount piercing prices. These parties are a great way to mingle with other pierced people, witness piercings you’re curious about, and have a blast. If you’re nervous about getting pierced, attending a piercing party at a studio can be a great way to immerse yourself in the piercing world and learn what you can expect.

Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Some piercing studios also offer private parties. You can schedule studio time and invite a group of your friends for a private event. Not all studios will do this, however, so do your research and find someone reputable before inviting all of your friends to get pierced.

Who should I invite to my piercing party?

If you want to bring a friend along to a piercing party or have a private party at a studio, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

We’re not going to lie; some people might think it’s a little weird. Those outside of the piercing world might not understand the camaraderie that comes with getting pierced as a group. Others might judge guests for the piercings they choose. Be careful with your invite list and only bring along open-minded people who will contribute good vibes, even if they choose not to get pierced.

It’s probably best to leave that judgmental coworker off of the invite list.

It’s a good idea to refrain from inviting minors. While piercing laws vary from state to state, most of the time minors must be accompanied by a guardian who has to sign a release form before the minor gets pierced.

Finally, you need to choose a professional, licensed piercer at a quality piercing studio. Do your due diligence, and research their credentials. Your party guests will be relying on you to ensure their safety, so don’t take it lightly. Beyond personal responsibility, you could also become legally liable.

Why should I attend a piercing party?

Whether or not you’re planning on getting pierced, piercing parties are a great way to mingle with those in the piercing world. Newly pierced patrons can talk about piercings that they want to get with piercing veterans, and you could be exposed to piercing types that you never thought of before.

Humans are social creatures; we are drawn to those who are most like us. Although alternative piercings are becoming popular in mainstream fashion, there are still those who feel the need to make negative comments regarding piercings. Piercing parties provide a safe space where you can learn, explore, and celebrate the piercing world.

We think piercing parties are great! The next time you want to get your auricle, nose, or even nipple pierced, think about joining a piercing party. You’ll have tons of fun, and you might even make a few new friends.


Thinking about attending or hosting a piercing party? Here are some jewelry pieces to help inspire you and your guests.

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