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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

organic body jewelry
By FT Admin 12/23/2016

organic stone body jewelry plugs

There is a catchphrase that seems to have taken over the world, when it comes to the products that we buy.  It’s organic!

Two words that seem to make people nod in unison when they are spoken, that define nature; two words that people assume mean better quality and worth the extra money – but mostly, just two words that make my husband roll his eyes when I use it as a sole response explaining my purchases.

To shed a bit of light on this whole organic phenomenon, let’s take a look at what organic actually means.

ORGANICcharacteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms

Organic body jewelry just means that the body jewelry is crafted from naturally occurring materials such as bone, wood, horn, stone, amber, brass, and semi-precious gemstones such as mother of pearl. Organic indicates that products are made from living organisms that also include plants and elements found in the ground. They don’t have to offer a heartbeat to be considered organic, but if something decomposes or naturally occurs outside of a building, then that material is considered organic; something derived from nature.

Why Choose Organic Body Jewelry?

In this day and age, we are so accustomed to man-made products that we don’t always question the materials that have been used to create them.   

Organic body jewelry is created from exactly what it is labeled: bone, wood, stone, horn, etc. There are no fillers, like plastics or additional chemical compounds, used – hence, the product could not be labeled organic. Furthermore, as consumers, we know exactly what is being inserted into our coveted and pierced holes when the jewelry piece is organic.

As the world becomes more informed of the environmental setbacks of our modern lifestyle, we’re also becoming hyper-aware of what is becoming referenced as “the plastic problem” – mountains of plastic waste that never break down, made by an industry that is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and many times, with materials that have been proven toxic, and that can even disrupt hormones. Yikes.

Organic body jewelry keeps it simple – there are no big smoke spewing plastic fabrication plants, and in many cases the jewelry is handmade by artisans, carved and chiseled out of local materials.

As an avidly pierced community, we know that body piercings date back thousands of years and have been part of thousands of cultures and civilizations. Organic body jewelry brings our pieces back to a time of purity and pride in craftsmanship. We are, literally, getting back to nature as a human race by wearing incredibly fine-crafted pieces of pure, unspoiled, organic jewelry. So, my rhetorical response to my above question: why NOT choose organic body jewelry?!

organic body jewelry for men

Are there any concerns or health hazards to wearing organic body jewelry?

Sure, but let me explain that short response in a bit more depth. Let’s take wooden body jewelry, for example – I am wildly allergic to certain kinds of trees. I don’t have allergies that will require the use of an ‘epi-pen’ or a team of trained physicians to coax me back to life if I encounter one of these allergy-inducing trees. However, I definitely experience some eye swelling and perpetual sneezing, so I have a simple life motto: avoid things that make me sneeze. Some people may have allergies to naturally occurring elements on this planet. If this is you, here is my modified simple life motto: avoid those elements.

The only true noted health hazard to wearing a piece of organic body jewelry seems to be a bit of contact dermatitis (rash) or some irritability (swelling). If you have zero allergies to elements that occur in the great outdoors and are being used to make gorgeous pieces of body jewelry – then you have absolutely no concerns AND you know that your jewelry pieces are purely made, finely crafted, and naturally fabulous!

It is also worth noting, though, that some natural materials are more porous than others, and for that reason, it’s best not to use wooden body jewelry on a fresh piercing. With an open wound, you’re more prone to bacterial issues on surfaces that can absorb moisture, and though most wooden body jewelry is well sealed, it’s still more of a concern with organic wooden body jewelry than it is with surgical steel or titanium.

organic wood body jewelry gauges

Who Handcrafts the Organic Body Jewelry That We Sell?

Such a great question! Although we make many of our organic body jewelry in-house with our Freshtrends’ Morpheus Organics line, we also work with some incredible companies that hand-craft unique, organic products: Urban Star Organics and Diablo Organics.  Utilizing our organic jewelry team, we have the opportunity to produce gorgeous products from all over the world.  This allows a greater selection of pieces made with some of nature’s strongest, most durable, and amazingly beautiful elements.   

diablo organic body jewelry

Check out some of our intoxicatingly unique pieces:

Organic Lock Box Sono Wood Hanger Plugs
Organic Lock Box Sono Wood Hanger Plugs 8G – 1/2″ (3 – 12.5mm) – Pair
Abalone Shell Inlay Horn Flesh Tunnel Plug
Abalone Shell Inlay Horn Flesh Tunnel Plug – 2G – 1 1/4″
Tribal Tide Sono Wood Hanger Plugs
Tribal Tide Sono Wood Hanger Plugs 6G – 0G
Organic Blue Turquoise Rose Double Flared Stone Plugs
Organic Blue Turquoise Rose Double Flared Stone Plugs 2G – 3/4″

For thousands of years, those before us have rocked some incredible body jewelry that was only created from the precious elements they found from the Earth. Don’t be afraid to get back to your roots as part of the human race and wear some of these beautiful, natural body jewelry.

Why choose organic body jewelry? Simple. You’ll rest easy knowing that your piercings are showcasing the most beautiful, unique, and natural elements found from Mother Nature.

Be Fierce. Be Bold. Be Fresh. Be Organic.

FT Admin

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