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By Meghan O'Neal 02/16/2009

When you wear your jewelry on your body, inevitably you’re going to lose a piece of it. Backs fall off, gemstones loosen, and everyday wear and tear will take its toll. High-quality jewelry will avoid mishaps for longer than cheaper options, but (especially if you wear the same piece every day) they’re not immune.

When your jewelry fails you, it becomes more than just an inconvenience; depending on how long you’ll have to go jewelry-less, it could mean that you risk your piercing closing up. To avoid this occurrence, here are some tips on how to keep your piercing safe during a piercing emergency.

Be prepared with replacement parts and retainers

Jewelry disasters can strike at any moment. Hopefully, you’ll be able to go home in a few hours and simply replace your jewelry with another piece in your collection. But what if you’re on vacation, and you’ve brought a minimal amount of jewelry?

Replacement parts are a perfect way to stay prepared. They’re much cheaper than the full jewelry piece, so you won’t feel stressed about traveling with multiple expensive jewelry items, and they can easily fit in a small plastic bag in your purse so that you can be prepared at any moment. Simply screw on the new ball or backing, and it’s as if the mishap never occurred.

If you’re unlucky enough to lose the entire jewelry piece, you’ll want to have a stash of piercing retainers. Retainers are typically clear or skin tone, so you won’t get to show off your adorable piercing, but they’ll keep it open and healthy until you’re able to find jewelry to fill it. Although newer piercings are more susceptible to closing, even years-healed piercings can close or shrink within hours, so this is a good practice to have no matter how long you plan to be away from home.

Try tape when proper prep is foregone

Even the most prepared among us forget the little things from time to time, and if we’re being honest, we know that when you’re running out the door, grabbing your keys takes precedence over grabbing your body jewelry replacement parts.

When you find yourself in a sticky situation with your body jewelry, grab some tape and let it be your sticky solution. Using tape as a makeshift backing might not be cute or comfortable, but it will keep your jewelry in place until you can find a more permanent solution. If you have access to it, wax can also be a viable temporary backing option.

Especially if you’re still in the healing process, you want to make sure that whatever you’re using in place of a back is sanitary. Disinfect the object with rubbing alcohol (with tape, you’ll want to do this after you’ve stuck it to the jewelry) to remove any germs. Once you’ve got a proper backing, make sure that you disinfect the jewelry and your piercing as well.

What if I swallowed my jewelry?

Sometimes when you lose your jewelry, you know exactly where it is. Oral jewelry, like tongue and lip rings, can be incredibly easy to swallow. In this case, your first concern is most likely the jewelry piece currently traveling to your stomach and not where you’re going to find a replacement part.

Fortunately, jewelry pieces are usually small enough to pass through your system without harm. If your jewelry has spikes or is larger than usual, you’ll want to keep a closer eye. If, in the next few days, you suffer from fever, vomiting, inflammation, or bleeding, see a doctor immediately.

Fashion emergencies revolving body jewelry are unique because they involve your body. Luckily, with some preparedness and a bit of ingenuity, they don’t have to be an emergency at all.

Meghan O'Neal

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