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By FT Admin 12/16/2020

The holiday season is a time when you get to participate in joy and harmony with your beloved family members.

Until a few too many rounds of wine have been poured.

While some are lucky enough to have older family members who embrace their alternative stylings, some family members can’t help but comment on the septum piercing that you love. You might be brave enough to stand up to them, or you might want to avoid the conversation altogether. 

If you can’t bear another lecture from your Great Uncle Mort about how you should never have sullied your body with your body piercings, here are a few simple tricks to get you through those family gatherings with fewer snide remarks.

1. Use a bandaid to cover your body jewelry

This might not be the subtlest way to hide your body jewelry, but if you have a new lip or eyebrow piercing, you might not have many other options.

The Bandaid offers the time-honored tradition of teenagers everywhere when it comes to covering pimples, so why not use this method to cover your brand new body piercing? Just make sure that you don’t cover it too snugly; if your piercing is brand new, it could put pressure on the piercing and cause some issues.

2. Choose discreet body jewelry

You can find piercing retainers or other types of plastic body jewelry to minimize the appearance of your piercing. It might not hide it completely, but it might miss the gaze of some of the elders in your family.

Or, you can choose dainty jewelry options that, although still noticeable, will be small and pretty enough that your family members might not comment. A tiny diamond or gemstone looks amazing in any piercing. Your older relatives still might not approve of your body piercing, but nobody can say anything negative about a cute diamond.

3. Choose clothing that will hide your piercings

Facial and ear piercings might be more difficult to cover, but it is a possibility.

If you have a plethora of cartilage piercings, wear your hair down so that they remain hidden. An eyebrow piercing could possibly be hidden by some longer bangs. If you have surface piercings on your chest, make sure that your top covers them. While some piercings will be impossible to cover (we’re looking at you, lip and nose piercings), others can be strategically hidden depending on what you wear and how you wear your hair.

4. Choose beautiful body jewelry

Sometimes, it’s too much of a hassle to cover your body jewelry. Instead, choose some glamorous jewelry options that will make your piercings look amazing.

Your Great Aunt Mary might hold a staunch stance against body jewelry, but she’s more likely to make a snide comment toward a neon bioplastic barbell in your industrial piercing than she will toward a gorgeous, 14k gold barbell featuring a genuine gemstone.

While the concept of body jewelry is still controversial, gemstones and gold are timeless. Opt for these options, and turn the conversation toward the beauty of your jewelry rather than whether or not you should have been pierced in the first place.

5. Learn how to turn the conversation

You shouldn’t feel like you have to hide who you are in order to enjoy a family gathering (although we understand why you might choose to). If you don’t want to undergo the stress of hiding your body jewelry, then learn how to make the conversation surrounding body jewelry more positive.

Think about why you got your piercing, and prepare to have a conversation about it. Learn about the history of body piercings and how, historically, they’ve represented spiritualism across cultures. Use this as an opportunity to educate your more conservative family members about the world of body piercing and why you’ve made the choice to get pierced. Likely, the negativity they feel comes from ignorance. You can be the bridge between them and the piercing world.

Your piercings don’t have to encourage snide comments this holiday season. Whether you wish to hide your piercings or sport beautiful body jewelry proudly, you have options. 

Looking to stun your family members this season? Here are some body jewelry options that will blow them away.

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