You know that feeling you get, right before you walk into the dentist’s office?  That feeling of dread, where you just know something is ‘gonna hurt’?  Well, getting a piercing or tattoo is just the same.  Even though they’ll probably be some pain involved – the bottom line is that you are going in to get fabulous and then on your way out you can show it off!  Like with anything in life where we know we’re going to have to suffer some growing pains, there are a few approaches to dealing with the situation.

Rest, Relax, Rejuvenate

Don’t overexert yourself prior to having your procedure done.  Instead, focus on getting some rest.  Relaxing with a favorite book or listening to music that naturally soothes your nerves.  Rejuvenate your senses and prepare for what’s to come by thinking nothing of it.  Instead, fill up as much time as you can afford prior to having your tattoo or piercing done, on loading up on the good stuff; like plenty of time with friends, a walk along the beach – or a visit to the spa.

Mental Marathon/Positive Thinking

Face your fears head-on.  If you are concerned about pain – mentally channel positive feelings and prepare for the occasion by thinking in terms of the outcome, rather than the process.  By imagining how you will look afterward, you can direct your mind away from negative thoughts centered on the fear of pain and toward how great you’ll look a short while later.  If your anxiety is from an uncertainty as to how you will look and whether it will end up ok – then focus on the reason you chose this artist, whose skill you clearly trust enough to have selected them in the first place.

Preempt Pain With Meds

One technique is to employ the peace of mind of taking a couple mild painkillers in advance.  If you are concerned about severe pain, taking a dose can not only calm your nerves down it will also take the edge off any pain that you may need to endure.  Just make sure to check with your piercer or tattoo artist if they are ok with this before doing it (*note that tattoo artist may not let you take any medication that can thin the blood out, always tell the artist if you have taken any medication).  In case taking meds in advance is not allowed, you can get the same affect with some herbal teas or calming essence oils.

The best part of getting a piercing or a tattoo done is that these are personal enhancements that will become an integral part of your personality.  What’s a little pain before you gain a gorgeous addition to your physical personality and unique style?  By taking a few steps toward making the entire process bearable, easy and even fun – you can and will stay calm as you get that great piercing or amazing tattoo!


  • London

    July 22, 2012at8:41 am

    I completely agree with you- I still a little nervous about but I am doing much better now after I took your advice and just relaxed:)

  • chantal

    April 9, 2015at10:50 am

    Im getting my septum pierced in less then 5 hrs, And im very nervous. But this has helped alot, thank you!

  • Jane

    May 24, 2016at2:26 am

    Getting three all in one sitting in about 10-11 hours and Im so nervous

  • Lucy

    June 29, 2017at1:14 pm

    Getting 4 done all in one sitting in under an hour, wish me luck and your advice helped me quite a bit. Thank you!

  • August 3, 2017at3:03 am

    I am getting a piercing in less than 3 hours but this has helped me a bit still neverous

  • CJb1567

    August 13, 2017at3:55 pm

    Haha, I’m getting my industrial in 2 weeks time and I’m absolutely buzzing! I’m do exited 🙂

    • Opal

      March 12, 2018at5:32 pm

      How much did it hurt? I have my daith piercings and my left nostril. Those were just pressure on my daiths.

  • Ivan

    August 14, 2017at6:42 am

    I’m getting my nostril pierced in an hour and a half and it’s the first time I’ve had anything pierced so I’m a little nervous but your advice helped me a lot!

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