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It’s a celebratory time of the year for many people across the globe for many reasons. In that spirit, people oftentimes get tattoos to fit the occasion. It reminds them year-round of the fun traditions and memories that this time of year holds. Here are some that stood out to me.

I was never really a fan of Will Ferrell (so sue me), but Elf was always a personal favourite of mine growing up. My brothers thought it was hilarious. And we all found the wholesome film highly quotable. A tattoo paying tribute to this movie is super awesome.

Okay so maybe some of you will argue that this isn’t entirely fit for the holiday season, but I will tell you otherwise. A Nightmare Before Christmas is a memorable film and there will always be tattoos replicating Jack Skellington’s dapper style.

Okay but even if you’re not a fan of the movie, you can at least admit that Zero is pretty adorable, right?

Fact: There are plenty of snowflakes that are identical. It’s not true that every single one is unique. It’s just not possible. 

I adore the addition of the lights strung up in his antlers.

Cute tattoos are the best tattoos. 

Prickly but beautiful. A perfect balance.. 

I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful skyline…

It’s Hannukah season!

I love how elegant this looks.

This one is super great because it’s a lovely combination of minimalistic vibes as well as holiday themes. Can’t go wrong with that!

I used to collect snow globes. A less materialistic way to collect them would be to get a tattoo of one!

I have a soft spot for fox tattoos. The way this one leaps is reminiscent of how foxes jump when bearing down on a mouse or small rodent hidden below the snow. 


I dig the woody-style of this tattoo. The colours make it bold and beautiful. 

Whatever you plan to tattoo, I hope you have fun and love the outcome. Enjoy the holiday season!

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