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By Meghan O'Neal 09/29/2020

There’s no doubt that nostril piercings are among the most common piercing choices for both the young and the mature. This popularity allows nose piercings to be acceptable in settings where other piercing choices might be frowned upon. In recent years, we’ve seen that even corporate offices have become lenient when it comes to the nostril piercing. 

However, the fact remains that not every employer is going to love your nostril piercing. And, if you have a septum piercing, you’re less likely to find a job in a traditional corporate setting that will allow it.

The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to either hide your nose piercing or make it less noticeable. Here are four ways to hide your nose piercing at work.

Choose dainty jewelry options

If you work in a setting where they’re allowing you to wear your nostril piercing, but they don’t love it, a good option is to choose dainty jewelry.

A teeny gemstone offers a slight sparkle while remaining understated, ensuring that your piercing can still be seen, but it doesn’t stand out. 

If your boss really isn’t keen on your nostril piercing, then you can choose a tiny ball or disk that sits more flush with your skin in a metal color that blends in. This way, you’ll still get to enjoy your nostril piercing, but it won’t be very noticeable.

When you choose sleek, dainty options, even those who hate piercings will be hard-pressed to complain. Keep in mind, however, that this is only an option if your employer has agreed that you can wear your nose jewelry. They will still be able to see the jewelry, and you don’t want them to feel as though you are ignoring their wishes.

Get a piercing retainer

If your employer has banned all nose piercings, then you might consider investing in a piercing retainer.

A piercing retainer is simply a clear or skin-toned piece that you will put in your piercing so that the hole doesn’t close up. If your nose piercing is new or you have had piercings close quickly before, then you should seriously consider this option if you want to keep your nostril piercing. 

Many piercing studios may have retainers available, and they’ll be able to fit you with one that’s comfortable and subtle.

It’s important to note that retainers aren’t completely invisible. Talk to your supervisor, and show them what the piercing retainer looks like to ensure that you’re still following the company’s dress code.

For septum piercings, flip the jewelry inside of your nose

Although septum piercings can be hit or miss when it comes to acceptability in the workplace, they’re much easier to hide than nostril piercings.

Simply fill the piercing with a circular barbell and flip the jewelry inside of your nose. No one will be the wiser to your piercing. 

However, you should not do this if your piercing is still healing. A key part to successfully heal your piercing is to keep the jewelry still. If you’re flipping your jewelry up into your nose every day, you could damage the delicate, healing skin. Therefore, you should only get your septum pierced if you’re sure that your employer will allow you to wear it for the six weeks of healing (or longer).

Wear a curved barbell in your septum piercing for a subtler look

woman with curved barbell in her septum piercing
A curved barbell in your septum piercing could be subtle enough for a professional work environment

If you’re allowed to wear a septum piercing at work, but you’d prefer a subtler aesthetic, then you can try a curved barbell.

When you wear a curved barbell in your septum piercing, the small ball ends will show on either side of your septum, and the rest of the jewelry will remain hidden within your nose. This allows you to enjoy the septum piercing look in a low-key way.

Getting a high-end corporate job doesn’t have to spell the end of your facial piercings. Talk to your employer about their dress codes, and find dainty jewelry styles appropriate for the workplace. When you shop for body jewelry pieces, it also helps if your jewelry is made of fine materials, like 14k gold with diamond gemstones.

Meghan O'Neal

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Kimberlee Joyce, 02 Oct 2020

My nose ring constantly turns so inside my nose shows the gold twist. Its embarrassing and I’m constantly shoving it back in. Anything I can push onto interior twist like earring back to keep put?

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