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By Meghan O'Neal 02/23/2021

As long as we can remember, older generations have had a difficult time accepting the norms of the generation that follows them. For the past decade, we’ve watched as non-Millennials have attributed every society shift, whether good or bad, to Millennials. In fact, now that a new generation is entering adulthood—Gen Z—Millennials are still getting blamed for every supposed trend and change out there.

Enter: finger piercings. Articles such as this one make it seem as though young people are rushing en masse to get finger piercings in lieu of a traditional wedding ring. While alternatives to wedding rings aren’t unheard of, it’s quite false to say that finger piercings as wedding rings are a big enough trend even worth noting.

However, finger piercings, and other surface dermal piercings, have gained footing as a somewhat popular piercing trend. Because they appear on the surface of the skin, they’re a bit different than regular piercings, which causes conversation.

Here’s some information on finger piercings and other surface dermal piercings, what they are, and why people are getting them.

What are finger piercings?

Finger piercings, like other surface dermal piercings, are a type of piercing that appears in the finger. They are made possible because of a dermal anchor that’s inserted below the skin. This anchor will stay in place for the entire life of your piercing, and you can screw different ends into the anchor which will appear on top of the skin.

All surface dermal piercings are done the same way. It just depends on where you choose to get pierced.

It’s important to be aware of your state’s laws regarding surface dermal piercings. Some legislators consider it a medical procedure and, therefore, illegal for piercers and other non-medical professionals to perform. 

Are people getting their fingers pierced in lieu of wedding rings?

The answer: yes and no.

Yes, because there are some people who are getting their fingers pierced as a wedding ring, and no, because very few people are doing it, and certainly not enough to call it a trend.

Married Couple Holding Hands

Yes, some people got finger piercings in lieu of wedding rings. However, it’s far from a trend.

Finger piercings aren’t the greatest idea for a wedding ring because they are impermanent. Even if the piercing is done correctly, the fingers see a lot of movement. This makes any piercings in the area a great snag risk, and healing will likely be difficult since you need to keep the piercing as still as possible. Piercings in the fingers have a high risk of migration and rejection. Even after they’ve healed, your body will likely push out the dermal anchor eventually. When your finger piercing is supposed to be a symbol of your eternal love, this is not ideal.

Don’t fall victim to media clickbait; finger piercings in lieu of wedding rings isn’t trending as much as certain articles would make it seem.

Where can you get a surface dermal piercing?

Facial dermal piercing

While surface dermal piercings are somewhat inadvisable in areas that see a lot of movement, there are certain areas where a surface dermal piercing looks amazing.

You might see surface dermal piercings appearing in areas like above the belly button, the nape of the neck, the clavicle, and the cheek or eyebrow. These areas are more ideal because they won’t see as much movement as the fingers or other areas. While you still have to be careful of snagging, minimal movement will decrease the chance of migration or rejection.

If you live in an area that does not allow this procedure to be done in a piercing studio, then you can choose the surface piercing instead. This is done by pinching the skin and pushing a needle straight through. A straight or curved barbell will then be pushed through the piercing hole rather than using a dermal anchor.

A different wedding ring trend: tattoo rings

While finger piercings might not be the new wedding ring trend to look for, there are some ways that people are foregoing expensive wedding rings in favor of alternatives.

A tattoo is an actually permanent alternative to a wedding ring.

Tattooed wedding rings are actually a practical substitute. Sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to have an expensive ring, especially if you or your spouse works in a dangerous environment or if you travel a lot. A tattoo wedding ring allows you to show your love for your spouse without wearing jewelry at all. This saves the wearer from any jewelry snag risks, and it’s a truly permanent option (unlike the finger piercing). 

Finger piercing jewelry

If you’re still keen on a finger piercing, whether for fun or in lieu of a wedding ring, here are some dermal tops that you can try.

Meghan O'Neal

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