Dermal piercing

Dermal, or microdermal piercings have been getting lots of attention lately. So what’s the appeal? Well they look hot, different, allow one to get really creative in where they have them done, and are a break away from the traditional piercings.

They are quite permanent, and are done by creating a perforation into the sub-dermal layer of skin, just about anywhere on the body you like. What makes them permanent is that they are an implant, and it takes a medical professional to remove them. Some of the most common places for dermals are the neck, ears, nose, navel, hips, wrists, cheeks, and lower back. They aren’t limited to these spots though, as there are those who have dermals on their tongue, lips, genitals, nipples, and eyebrows.

Dermal piercing Jewelry

Pros: They look beautiful, and set you apart from the typical pierced crowd.

Cons: They can be painful, and the pain can last for 1-2 weeks afterwards. It should be expected because the piercing is basically a deep hole placed into the skin. Infection is always a risk, and rejection is very common. Healing typically takes a few weeks, sometimes longer. Should you remove your microdermal piercing, be prepared for a scar.

Do you have a microdermal piercing? Do you love it?

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