You should love your tattoo for the long haul, not hate it soon afterwards… Tattoo blunders are all too common, and they are well documented even among celebrities.

Steve-O, of Jackass fame, has a whole body full of blunders. Back in her wilder days, Britney Spears wanted the Chinese symbol for “mysterious,” done. Turns out, the tattoo artist inked “strange” instead; how was Brit to know? Hayden Panettiere had an Italian phrase tattooed along the length of her back, and unfortunately misspelled it! David Beckham’s famed Sanskrit tattoo on his forearm is a misspelled tribute to his wife, Victoria; his arm reads “Vihctoria.” Megan Fox is currently having her tat of Marilyn Monroe removed, proof that idolizing someone is not enough reason to have a tattoo of them!

Bad tattoos are a part of life, even celebrities have them, so choose them, and research them wisely!

Why not try out some temporary tattoos in the meantime?


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