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By Jess L 08/15/2023

The gemstone of vitality and renewal, Peridot is a vibrant green gemstone that belongs to the mineral olivine. It is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color, which is a distinct lime green to olive-green hue. Peridot is known for its unique color and historical significance, and it’s considered the birthstone for the month of August.

History and Lore of Peridot

Born from fire, Peridot is formed deep within the Earth’s mantle under extreme heat and pressure. It is brought to the surface through volcanic activity and can also be found in meteorites.

Peridot has a rich history and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians referred to it as the “gem of the sun” due to its bright green color. It was also believed to protect against nightmares and evil spirits.

Meteors against night sky

Lava flow

Symbolism and Meaning

Peridot is widely associated with vitality, renewal, and energy. Its vibrant green color is reminiscent of nature and growth, making it a symbol of life’s continual cycles and rejuvenation. In ancient times, peridot was believed to offer protection against negative forces. It was used as a talisman to provide a shield of spiritual protection. It is believed to bring good luck and success to those who wear it.

Caring for Peridot

Peridot is relatively soft compared to some other gemstones, so it requires careful handling and protection from scratches. It’s recommended to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperature changes. Clean with mild soap and warm water.
For more tips on how to care for your piercing jewelry, consult our Body Jewelry Care Guide.

peridot is a beautiful gemstone with a distinct green hue that has captured the interest of jewelry enthusiasts and collectors for centuries. Its connection to history, mythology, and natural beauty makes it a fascinating and meaningful choice for jewelry and adornment.

Shop Peridot Jewelry

Looking for some glowing peridot piercing jewelry? Our collection includes everything from nose rings, belly rings and labrets, to cartilage earrings. Check out some of our favorites. 
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Pairs Well With

Peridot’s green color pairs well with other gemstones, creating visually appealing combinations. We suggest combining with diamonds, amethyst, and garnet.

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Amethyst Curved Barbell
Garnet Petal 14k Gold Clicker Ring

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