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April is a great month for you to pursue interests that are personal to you, Aries. You should, though, expect a bit of opposition due to two factors. The influence of Saturn and the overbearing retrograde from Mercury will attempt to suspend your good fortune. Watch out on the 17th, for the full moon brings you a tremendous amount of emotional excitement.


Look to find yourself within an overwhelming realm of introspection this month, Taurus. Work and home life may cause you to feel like a different person in a number of ways. Find solace from the pressures of daily life in something that is important to you, particularly around the 17th of the month. Fear not, for the end of the month promises more pleasure and release from the daily grind.


This month brings you a wealth of happiness in personal relationships, Gemini, but it is important to remember that every story has two sides. The last week of the month will prove to be the freeing point, so hold out and do your best to put your best foot forward in business, friendship and in love.


Your April appears to be one of your best months this year thus far. Look at your professional responsibilities and see that they are earning you high praise. Your decisions are concise and your actions follow suit, making you a favorite of everyone around you. Enjoy the natural ambition that is afforded you and take advantage of all of your inborn talents. Success is calling you and you feel the need to answer.


Your characteristically daring spirit will inspire you to become adventuresome, both in work and in personal relationships. However, dear Leo, it is in your best interests to rein yourself in as best you can. Your restless urges may will you to move away from the norm, but this is not the time to indulge in those feelings. Take time to improve yourself, instead, and reap the rewards that follow.


You will feel an inexplicable urge to become more introspective than normal, Virgo, and this is to be expected. Those around you may question your motives and worry about you, but feel free to tell them that you are merely attempting to find what is best for you. Relax and reflect on who you truly are and the realizations that you seek will become apparent to you easily. Pay close attention to your financial situation, as it may be difficult to comprehend in the coming weeks.


This month brings feelings of inadequacy in a number of ways, the most prominent of which will be your personal life. It is direly important that you sort out any outstanding relationship issues as soon as possible, as this will only improve your feeling of general well-being. The full moon makes its appearance on the 17th, enticing you to share your true feelings about the unsaid.


April brings you new and challenging tasks this month, Scorpio. Be ready for them and face them with your characteristic might and courage. Communication with coworkers or significant others may result in misunderstanding and strife, but you will overcome them. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises and enjoy exceptional romantic encounters in the last week of the month.


Sagittarius, this is your month to shine in the realms of creativity and romance. Seek out the best in yourself and enjoy the rewards, but remember to keep yourself grounded. Your enthusiastic attitude may not be initially welcomed by others, but your charisma will certainly help you win over everyone in the end. When it comes to work, remember that you are only one person.


April is your chance to get caught up on everything that has been hounding you since the New Year, Capricorn. Address business issues, housecleaning and personal strife this month. Taking charge of your life will only lead you to success in every area, though take care to avoid taking on too much at once. Avoid restlessness by busying yourself with necessary responsibilities, and you will find yourself rewarded within a matter of weeks.


Get ready to get busy, Aquarius, for April is guaranteed to provide you with lots to do. Overcome the inevitable obstacles with a commitment to learn, communicate and take action. Keep patience in mind as you deal with family, friends and co-workers, as these actions will only serve to reward you in the end.


Your motivation to succeed is increased this month, Pisces, and you are all the better for it. Recent instances have you feeling down and unsuccessful, but April brings promise of better days to come. Be aware that prospective lovers will be seeking your company toward the end of the month and act accordingly.

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