Body Jewelry & Accessories For Less is proud to bring you one of the most eclectic and freshest collection of Body Piercing Jewelry available online. With over 10,000 in stock, is one of the leading and most trusted retailers of body jewelry in the world. Our Body Jewelry Site has been distributing the latest trends to the body jewelry world since 2001. Whether you are searching for the body jewelry basics that everyone with a piercing needs or unique styles of Belly Rings & Navel Rings / Belly Button Jewelry, Nose Rings, Nipple Jewelry, Captive Bead Rings, Labret or Lip Rings & Monroes, Eyebrow Rings , Ear Lobe Plugs & Tunnels, you are in the right place! We have all the body jewelry and fashion accessories you need right here.

Belly Piercing Jewelry is one of our specialties. With many different belly button ring designs available in 316L surgical grade stainless steel, silver, nickel-free 14kt gold, acrylic and titanium, has cute, sexy and stunning styles of top-down belly rings or reverse belly rings, charm dangle belly rings, chandelier navel rings, animal belly rings, flower belly button rings, logo belly button rings, UV banana barbells, even genuine diamond belly button rings and many other unique navel rings. So make sure to check out our Navel Jewelry Collection today! presents you with some of the most innovative body jewelry for every type of body piercing imaginable. We are very proud of having the most extensive and exquisite collection of Cartilage Piercing Earrings, also know as Helix Earrings (the cartilage in the top part of your ear) and Tragus Body Jewelry (the little flap in front of your ear). Our cartilage piercing jewelry is made of with genuine 925 sterling silver, solid 14kt gold, and hypoallergenic bioplast acrylic. The quality and craftsmanship of our tragus earrings and cartilage body jewelry is incomparable to other online stores who may have similar styles, but use cheap materials.

Body jewelry is now so attractive and desirable that we have created and amazing collection of stunning nickel-free 14kt gold body jewelry. Ranging from body jewelry basics like gold captives and circulars, and basic gold barbell body jewelry in every size for all piercing to diamond and precious gemstone nose rings, genuine pearl and opal body jewelry and stunning gold belly button rings. All crafted with superior quality in the USA. We ARE the gurus of gold body jewelry!

We also have an expanding line of organic body jewelry hand carved from exotic woods, bone, and horn and an exquisite collection of natural semi-precious gemstone body jewelry that our customers love.

We are committed to carrying something for everyone in the piercing community. That is why we offer many styles of body jewelry starting at $0.99.

It doesn’t just stop there, we also have a great selection of Belts and Belt Buckles, Earrings, Bracelets, Fashion Rings, Toe Rings, Funny T-Shirts and more.

Trends in body jewelry and fashion accessories are constantly changing and our online store reflects the latest styles and trends available to the public. Make sure to check our New Arrivals page regularly.

All of our body piercing jewelry products are made from quality professional piercing materials, designed to protect your piercing from infection. Our surgical steel body jewelry is made from the finest 316L surgical grade stainless steel. Our titanium body jewelry is non-allergenic Anodized 6AL4V-ELi Titanium. Our gold body jewelry is crafted from nickel-free 14kt gold. Our silver is 925 Sterling Silver, and our acrylic body jewelry and flexible body jewelry is made from hypo-allergenic dental grade acrylic. Please do not confuse our products with other cheap body jewelry found on the Internet. We stand behind our products and designs, and offer a 100% guarantee on quality and craftsmanship. Cutting edge piercing designs with your health in mind!

We understand that when it comes to jewelry, our customers only want the best,
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