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Been There – DONE That.  I’ve had my fair share of Valentine’s Days as an adult female and let me tell you, a LOT of times, it hasn’t been pretty.  The funny thing is, you can be going out with a totally hip, completely cool guy who seems like he’s perfect in every way – and then BAM!  He goes and gets a really lousy gift and bursts that bubble of perfection you thought you had going on the whole time.  DARN it.

Here’s a rundown of what I find are the five BIGGEST letdowns on Valentine’s Day.  (And some ideas of what would have been awesome instead).

5. Flowers and Candy

HO HUM.  I can’t tell you how many times a guy has brought a box of those typical heart-shaped boxes of chocolate (it’s really bad chocolate too, mind you) and the boring, proverbial bunch of flowers.  What is it with these men?  And where is their originality?  If you must go with something classic – PLEASE – get a toe ring or something, please!

4. Dinner and a Movie

There are THREE HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR other days in the year that you can pick to go see a movie and have dinner out.  Valentine’s Day is not one of them for me.  Nope.  It’s just not romantic.  Not to mention – it doesn’t last.  Ok, for all you people out there shaking your heads thinking I’m being a tad “Marilyn Monroe” from “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” – give me a break.  Think of it like this:  a diamond nose ring would be something I could see during the rest of those 364 and think of my sweetheart each time.  How many times is dinner & a movie going to elicit that same emotion?  Exactly.  Once.

3. Nothing

Now, this is no-brainer, folks.  And a very real one too.  I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened where I’m sitting there expecting at least a gesture of some sort – only to wait it out with absolutely nothing happening in the end.  Guys, please.  At the very least, just say something sweet.  Be genuine.  Tell us why you love us and why we’re your girl.  Something.  Anything.  If you don’t have lots of disposable income (yes, we still love you) then go and get a silver promise ring or something
– you know, the neat ones with sweet little messages on them that will remind us of you every time we twirl it around our little fingers.  Those.

2. Cards

Scratch that.  ONE card.  A single, greeting card with lovey-dovey messages on it that some 50-something chick sitting in a cubicle dreamed up – is NOT my idea of a romantic (or even viable) Valentine’s Day gift. Come ON.  If we’ve reached the point in our relationship where you are going to be buying me something for this day, then at least I can expect that you’d know not to hand over a generic greeting card that will probably end up in some drawer and not see the light of day for years to come.  Will I even remember your name by then?  A better way to go is a pair of earrings.  Listen, we love our bling.  How about a nice pair of classic, elegant gold hoops?  How can anyone go wrong with that?  And if your love has a cool body piercing – then get her a new ring for that!  Now, THAT would be awesome.

1. Teddies

I’m not talking ‘Frederick’s of Hollywood’ here.  Dude, let me know you’re serious.  Giving me a gift that I might have liked when I was 13 – no, scratch that – when I was NINE, does NOT tell me you’re serious.  Now, I won’t mind a diamond solitaire ring attached to a teddy bear.  THAT’s different.  And if you’re asking me to make it official – well, what could be more romantic?  Uber romantic – that is the gift that most of would love to have.  Diamonds sparkling on our finger is the ultimate in Valentine’s Day present.

Got it?  Good. Keep this list in mind for next year guys.

FT Admin