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By FT Admin 05/04/2015

Leonora Gabriella is what you would call “the complete package”: She’s stunningly gorgeous, British (hello, accent!), an animal-loving vegan, and she’s covered in tattoos. Today, she’s here to tell us a little bit about her body art. You can follow Leonora Gabriella on Instagram.

When did you discover your love for body modification?
I’ve always been exposed to body modification since I had an older half-sister with a number of tattoos and mods so it was never something out of the ordinary to me. I have always loved art, and I guess upon hitting my upper school (from 13 onwards) and being more exposed to older people with tattoos made me realise I could do it too.

When did you get your first tattoo? What was it?
I was a good girl and started at 18. I started small with the words “always&forever” written in my handwriting above my boob!

What inspired your tattoos?
All sorts really! My love for certain topics such as art, musicals, and animals.

What’s the main influence behind your body work?
The desire to feel good about myself, I think. There are parts of everyone’s body that people wish to change. It just so happened that getting tattoos on places I didn’t like made me feel confident!

What do you think your tattoos say about you?
My tattoos are generally very colourful, floral, and fairly girly so I would think they say I’m feminine and carefree!

What do your tattoos mean to you?
When I first started getting tattooed, most of my pieces had something behind them. Then it developed into an appreciation of artists and their work so just allowing them to do what they are good at. In which case, they are all very valuable to me. They boosted my confidence, and in turn my personality. They all tell a story, whether that be the meaning of the tattoo or the reason for choosing THAT piece of work by THAT artist in particular.

What’s your favorite piece?
Hard question! I have so many it’s hard to choose! But I have a piece on my abdomen of a cameo and roses which has been done extremely well! I admire the detail every time I look in the mirror. So I love that! I also have a cow done on the back of my knee by a good friend of mine, Ashley Luka, which symbolises a love of livestock to me and she is simply stunning! I’ve also just had my chest started by the fabulous Antony Flemming, which already looks to be bringing all the other pieces on my body together! Feeling complete now!

Do you plan on getting more tattoos?
Haha! In spite of just saying I feel complete, yes. I have a few planned and set aside, and a lot to finish!

What was your most painful tattoo? Why?
My back was agonising! I’m terrified to go back to finish it! And my chest was equally as awful!

How many sessions did your tattoo take?
My back will require another 6 – 10 sessions and my chest will have taken 2 when it’s finished.

What’s your opinion on flash art?
It’s not my kind of thing. I like originals.

Do you prefer one style of tattoo over another?
I’m a huge fan of neo-traditional work and dotwork. I am pretty much fully neo-traditional but have two dotwork pieces, too. A lot of effort goes into both styles, but dotwork seems to require a lot of endurance which I hugely appreciate!

If you could have dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would it be?
TOM HARDY. Can I have him three of him over? Just to look at.

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?
As much as I would love to go forward to see what happens, I think not knowing is what is so great. So, I would go backwards to my bad eyebrow years and FIX THEM.

What’s your patronus? (obligatory Harry Potter reference)
I am a huge lover of pigs and elephants. But weirdly enough, I have a feeling that mine would be an owl. No idea why. I just have a feeling.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
The ability to move things with my mind, I think. My weekly food shop is far too heavy.

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