We are seeing a really big surge in sugar skull fashion as of late. Dia de los Muertos, AKA Mexico’s Day of the Dead is full of eye candy, especially concerning the popularity and association of the sugar skull. Similar to Halloween, and falling on the two consecutive days afterwards, Day of the Dead is about paying homage to our deceased loved ones, and welcoming them back in spirit for a day.

The sugar skull is the symbol of this holiday as traditionally skulls made of sugar and decorated with flowers and other objects have been used to celebrate it. Amazing sugar skull  images have been circulating social media for some time now, and with the Mexican trends happening big time in fashion, it’s obvious as to why the sugar skull is being seen everywhere, especially in body jewelry right now.

Sugar skull tattoos are being seen a lot too, and with jewelry like dangle belly rings, it allows the wearer to have the look, with less permanence. Good girls and bad girls alike can wear these, and add a little culture to a normal, strictly esthetic piercing with a lovely sugar skull belly ring.

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