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By FT Admin 03/19/2013

Iron Man 3 is just a few months shy of being released in theaters and we are expecting to see even greater weaponry and action from the Marvel hero.

There will surely be plenty of stuff getting blown up, (as well as Tony Stark’s ego), further innovations on the armor, and more intellectual mind games to keep us on the edge of our seats! Who can get enough of the genius inventor and what kind of world-saving technology he is going to come up with next.

You know you have seen more than enough imagery floating around, with the iconic decals on cars, and t-shirts, and of course, Iron Man body jewelry. Despite the uber-geek fan-boy status, girls and guys alike dig the cool Iron Man 3 options!

Barbells with the Iron Man symbol are quite popular, and you bet after the movie hits the big screens the craze is going to be even hotter!

FT Admin

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