By Dallas

People pierce for several reasons. Some do it for their religion. Others may just like the look. As for people like me, we pierce because we feel with each piercing we are becoming more of who we are mean to be.

When I get a new piercing, I feel a little bit more like myself. It adds something to my character. I feel like I am completing a part of the picture. And, like me, my piercings can change. I’ve taken out some that weren’t part of who I was supposed to be in the present. They just no longer suited me.

I also have a memory with each piercing. From the conversations with my piercer to the feeling of the piercing. It’s all very special to me.

I can also change the jewelry to fit my moods and my style. Somedays I may want to wear plugs to look more conservative, you could say. Other times, I like the shock factor that eyelets give.

When someone asks me why I pierce, I simply say, “So I can feel more at home.”

Because with my piercings, I am a better me.

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