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At last you have found the perfect store to shop for your fine piercing jewelry from the comfort of your own home. At FreshTrends we design and create custom body jewelry from solid 14k gold and platinum. We are a small business located in Palm Beach, Florida dedicated to making high quality gold body jewelry that you will never want to take off.

By Meghan O'Neal 11/13/2023

A note on holiday shopping: All of our jewelry is made-to-order, which means that each piece is created with you in mind! It also means that production on the piece won’t begin until your order has been made. To ensure that your gift will arrive on time, be sure to check the production time under the product details. 


Buying body jewelry as a holiday gift can be the perfect way to show your loved one that you care. But, it can also be difficult; there are so many piercing styles to choose from, not to mention having to figure out the specific sizes of the body jewelry piece.

Don’t let intimidation keep you from buying a gift that your loved one will adore. Here are some of our favorite body jewelry pieces for 2023 that your pierced person will be sure to adore. Stressed about choosing the right jewelry sizes? Check out our guide here.

Super fun, mix-and-match charms

The 2020s are all about mixing and matching styles. This year, we saw lots of cultivated cartilage piercings filled with various charms, gemstones, and gold tones. Today’s piercing looks are eclectic and bold, and we love it.

Achieve that quintessential cartilage piercing look with super fun charm earrings. We’ve got a brand-new line of threadless, press-fit ends, that you or your loved one will adore. Explore a range of styles, from minimalist studs to intricate designs. Whether you’re looking for something edgy, cutesy, or sophisticated, you’ll find it here.


Just because a charm is fun doesn’t mean that it can’t be luxurious. All of our charm jewelry is made of 14k gold, and many of our pieces feature genuine gemstones, for an adorable sparkle that showcases grandeur.

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Eliza Diamond Piercing Stud
Malibu Shimmer Opal Sun Piercing Stud
Bollywood Glamour Piercing Stud

Adopt vintage aesthetics

The 2020s aren’t just about diverse stylings. We’re seeing a lot of retro styles come back into fashion. From 2000s-era low-rise jeans to ‘60s miniskirts, modern fashion is stealing bits and pieces from every decade. You can do the same with your jewelry styles. Adding milgrain texture to any body jewelry piece instantly takes it back to the Art Deco era. Combined with a gorgeous gemstone, it creates a timeless aesthetic that complements any style, no matter what era it hails from. 


Hoops with genuine pearls also create a vintage-yet-modern aesthetic. They pair perfectly with fashion styles like oversized blazers (á la ‘80s power suits) or ‘50s and ‘60s throwback styles. Colorful gemstones are the ideal addition to any ‘90s- or 2000s-inspired outfit. All about colors, these two decades are perhaps some of the brightest to hit the fashion world. Fill your piercings with genuine emeralds, sapphires, or rubies to go with your neon green tank tops and low-rise jeans.

2.5mm Diamond Radial Milgrain Flat Back Stud
Freshwater Pearl 14k Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings
2.5mm Blue Diamond Prong Nose Ring Stud

Update jewelry with hanging helix add-ons

Hanging helix earrings (sometimes referred to as dangle cartilage earrings) are among the cartilage piercing trends to get in 2023. Luckily, you don’t have to purchase an entirely new cartilage piece in order to achieve this look. Simply invest in an adorable charm add-on.


We offer a wide variety of accessories, from dainty charms to long chains, depending on the aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve. These pieces make the perfect gift. You don’t have to guess the giftee’s jewelry size; they can be added to almost any cartilage jewelry piece. They’re also often a little less expensive than their full jewelry counterpart, making them slightly more achievable for those on a budget. If you want to get a couple’s or best friend’s gift, pair a lock add-on with a key add-on, cementing your relationship in a cute way.

Key Diamond Charm Accessory
Lock Diamond Chain Accessory
Three Link Chains Piercing Jewelry Add-On Accessory

You can’t go wrong with diamonds

For centuries, diamonds have been the gemstone of beauty, opulence, and sophistication. If you’re looking for something that elevates any piercing collection, then diamonds are the way to go.


Diamond piercing jewelry can be the perfect gift for that special pierced someone in your life. Why stick with tennis bracelets and necklaces when you can opt for a unique diamond body jewelry piece instead? Choosing that perfect diamond body jewelry piece will show your partner that you truly know them in a way that other jewelry choices simply cannot.


If your partner loves bold, stunning diamond jewelry or if they prefer beautifully subtle gemstones, we’ve got a wide selection of diamond body jewelry to suit any taste. Choose anything from sexy and sophisticated diamond nipple jewelry to classic diamond earrings that your partner will adore wearing every single day.

Double Diamond 14k Gold Belly Button Ring
Diamond Petal 14K Gold Clicker Ring
10mm Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings

Stick with the classics

Classics remain classic for a reason: they look great no matter what.


These understated, yet gorgeous, body jewelry pieces can decorate many different piercing types, making them the perfect overall staple piece. They’re also the perfect accent in any cultivated cartilage look; among an eclectic group of gemstones and charms, a standard seamless hoop, curved barbell, or straight barbell balances the style.


When shopping for a principal piece, you want to find something that lasts. That’s why 14k gold or platinum is the way to go. 14k gold is durable while still offering a gorgeous golden luster. Platinum similarly offers a luxurious shine, but as one of the strongest jewelry materials, it’s built to last a lifetime. Whichever material you choose, you can feel secure knowing that your body jewelry will stay looking fantastic for years to come. 


Here are some classic pieces that our customers love.

Seamless Ring Hoop 14K in Gold Or Platinum
14K Gold Curved Barbell
14K Gold Straight Barbell

Holiday shopping is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. At FreshTrends, you are sure to find a quality piece for yourself or your loved one that you won’t discover anywhere else. And, you’ll be able to boast that each jewelry piece is handmade to order, offering an exclusivity that’s nearly impossible to find in the body jewelry world. If you want a showstopping gift this year, then you’ve already found the source. All that’s left, is to find the perfect piece.

Meghan O'Neal

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