It’s every pierced beauty and brawn’s pet peeve – getting your jewelry snagged on something. There’s nothing that makes people cringe faster than a tale of body jewelry getting hooked on something in an unfortunate manner. I mean, yikes. I have heard some tales.

For a lot of people, it’s even a deterrent from getting piercings at all. Aside from people with kids that grab at everything, a lot of people won’t get piercings because they envision them getting hooked on bra straps, hair, zippers – you name it. And it happens – it most definitely happens.

I’m not saying, ‘Hey, read this article and it will never happen to you!‘, ’cause that ain’t true. At some point or another, as is the nature of the universe, your piercing is going to get caught on something. Maybe it won’t get ripped out, maybe it’ll just make you jump a bit, but there are definitely a few common sense practices you can start to make sure it happens….less.

Choose Recreational Activities Wisely

I once worked with a girl with a full set of corset piercings down her back. She told me how she had to have them redone, because she went down a waterslide with them in, and four got yanked out. FOUR.

Moral of the story? Don’t go down waterslides with corset piercings, man! I mean, at least not on your back. Any time you go to do something fun and recreational, just stop and ask yourself what the chances are of your piercing getting yanked on during that activity.

Mosh pits are a really excellent place for other people’s clothing to snag on your piercings, so if you mosh, well, don’t take out your jewelry like a Nance, but maybe keep it under some tight clothing that won’t slip around and allow someone else’s bracelet to get caught on it.

Pay Attention to What You Wear

Mesh is the mortal enemy of body piercings. We all saw Gwen Stefani rocking mesh crop tops and cuffs in the 2000’s and immediately added to our punk pop wardrobe, but those of us with body jewelry, over ten years later, have come around to the fact that it’s going to get hooked on every barbell in your body.

The same goes for lace. I love lace, so much -so, so much. But if I had my downstairs pierced, I definitely wouldn’t be rocking lace undies. This delicate fabric just gets caught on everything, and not only will you ruin your gorgeous lace, but you’re probably going to get it caught on a body piercing, so choose what you wear it wisely.

Don’t Overdo it With Dangles

If you have multiple piercings in your ears or belly button, it can be really tempting to rock sets of dangles, cuff chains, and chandelier earrings. I mean sure, no doubt, it looks downright exotic, so you go, you vixen you, but keep in mind that you’re not a mannequin.

As you move throughout the day, those bobbles on your ears and body shift around, and you can wind up with a mess of chain and jewels instead of that intricate look you were going for. If you’re going to wear chandelier earrings, don’t wear hoops with them, and make sure that any cartilage chains are placed appropriately, and worn with shorter, more conservative jewelry.

Don’t Get Them Caught in Your Hair

If you have longer hair, be extra mindful of where it goes throughout the day. I’ve talked to more than one girl that has had a snarl of hair catch around their nipple ring, and oh my gosh – can you say unpleasant??

If you’re going to be a crazy beautiful creature with piercings and long hair, make sure you style it so that it’s never draping across your body jewelry – facial or otherwise. Dermals and surface piercings in the collarbones and shoulder area are particularly prone to snagging on hair, so take extra care to ensure your hair is sleek, and not winding it’s way around your jewelry throughout the day.

Protect Them When They’re Fresh

I used to work at a veterinary hospital. On so many occasions, I had to restrain animals for vaccines and blood draws, and more than once got dragged off by a four-legged behemoth that wasn’t having it. If you’re doing something really physical, protect your piercings – tape them up.

With my tattoos, I wrapped the fresh ones in vet tape, which was great for keeping them from direct contact with germs, and keeping that initial layer of plastic in place amid dog hair and chaos.

With piercings of course, you want to let them breathe, but you also need to make sure they’re covered when you’re doing something intensive like this. A few bandaids are good, but I really prefer a nice tight, spandex material that doesn’t catch easily on gems. If you’re wearing a belly button ring, (super) high rise panties are actually pretty great for this.

Snagging – It Happens to the Best of Us

Embarrassing though it may be, getting your piercings snagged during sex happens ALL . The. Time. You’re bare, you’re exposed, and your partner may even have a few piercings of their own to get caught on yours. It gets tricky, for sure.

Just be honest about your concerns with your partner – they’re bound to get it. A simple ‘Hey, can we try it like this so my ring doesn’t get caught?‘ is more than reasonable. Again, be mindful of the lace and mesh, keep your hair out of the way, and just generally remind your partner that those bits of metal are in fact, attached to you.

And speaking from personal experience, if your lover has nipple rings, do NOT wear a lacy bra. Or if you do, take that shit off like, right away. They’ll thank you later.

What about you? Have your piercings ever gotten caught on something? Share your own grisly stories in the comments below!

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