FreshTrends unicorn body jewelry

FreshTrends unicorn body jewelry

From swirled, sparkly beverages, to cotton candy covered fro-yo, and even rainbow hair styles, it’s clear that magic is currently in style. And here at FreshTrends, it’s no different. We’ve got a whole bunch of new unicorn body jewelry for those who still believe in magic.

Unicorn Industrial Barbells

FreshTrends teal unicorn industrial barbell

Magical Pink Rainbow Unicorn Teal Industrial Barbell

FreshTrends unicorn industrial barbell

Super-cute Pastel Unicorn Rose Gold-Tone Industrial Barbell

If you love the badassery of an industrial piercing, and also like to lose yourself in a little fantasy, we have two adorable industrial barbell pieces for you. Our new teal Magical Pink Rainbow Unicorn industrial combines color and whimsy. Or you can opt for the slightly more subtle (but still super cute) rose gold tone Pastel Unicorn industrial.

Unicorn Belly Rings

FreshTrends unicorn dangle belly ring

Pink & Turquoise Love Heart Unicorn Rose Gold-Tone Dangle Belly Ring

FreshTrends cute pastel unicorn belly ring

Super-cute Pastel Unicorn Rose Gold-Tone Belly Ring

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we love the sparkle of a cute belly ring under a crop top. And what exudes sparkles more than a unicorn? Spread a little love with this rose gold-tone Love Heart Unicorn dangle belly ring. For you pink lovers, we have the rose gold tone Pastel Unicorn belly ring (which also matches our Pastel Unicorn industrial, for those who boast both piercings).

Unicorn Nipple Rings

FreshTrends rainbow unicorn nipple barbell

Gold-Tone Magical Rainbow Unicorn Barbell Nipple Ring Pair

FreshTrends golden unicorn barbell nipple ring

Simple Golden Unicorns Barbell Nipple Ring Pair

Who says that nipple rings can’t be cute? We certainly don’t! Check out our Magical Rainbow Unicorn steel barbell nipple pair, also available in rose gold tone. If you love unicorns, but rainbows just aren’t your style, then the Simple Golden Unicorns barbell nipple pair is for you.

Bonus: Dragon Belly Ring

Mystical Golden Dragon Gem Belly Button Ring

Hey, fantasy isn’t just reserved for the unicorns. If guarding your jewels and terrorizing local villages is more your thing, then you need our Mystical Golden Dragon belly button ring.

While we do love unicorns, FreshTrends also has a bunch of brand new body jewelry to check out. Don’t miss it!

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