We’ve done a lot of blog posts here at FreshTrends about the different materials we offer our jewelry collections in. When it comes to shopping for sensitive ears though, the considerations are a little different, and there’s not a lot of room for experimenting.

While everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently to different materials, some are going to be gentler on your ears, and for those prone to allergic reactions to body jewelry, selection is everything.

If you’re looking for a pure, versatile metal that’s going to jive well with your body chemistry and offer you a metal jewelry option that won’t make you puff and swell, titanium is definitely the way to go.

Why Titanium Body Jewelry?

We covered in this post a lot of why certain materials are better than others when it comes to keeping reactions to a minimum, so we’ll expand on that a bit more here. First, it’s important to note that what makes titanium so damned good is the quality of the metal itself.

Whereas other metals like sterling silver and even surgical steel can have a lot of different hidden metals in them, titanium is one of the purest metals on the market, right up there with 14K gold. Though this metal can attract nickel during the fabrication process, the standards for maintaining pure jewelry are extremely high, and in Europe in particular, titanium jewelry producers are held to the highest standard.

That’s what it all comes down to when it comes to buying jewelry for sensitive skin: the purity of the metal. While even surgical steel can have surprising trace amounts of problematic metals like nickel, titanium is right up there with BioPlast.

Titanium is pure, durable, versatile, and can even be sterilized in an autoclave. It can even be colored safely, without affecting the wearer with adverse effects. The result is beautiful, tough as nails jewelry that sensitive bodies can wear anywhere.

Which Piercings Should I Wear Titanium Jewelry With?

Aside from the look you’re going for, there are certain piercings that you really need to be careful with in terms of picking out the right kind of material. Some areas are more prone to infection and rejection than others, so you’ll need to weigh that against the kind of jewelry you want as you’re considering getting a new piercing.

Titanium jewelry is great for any piercing, but is really ideal for people with metal allergies and sensitive skin that are prone to reactions. If you’re considering getting a particularly invasive piercing or body modification, like dermal implants or a genital piercing, consider getting something in titanium (though some wearers with genital piercings prefer more flexible materials like BioPlast).

Getting Titanium Jewelry at the Piercing Shop

If you’re not sure what your piercer is packin’, don’t be shy – ask! If you’re the type to develop a reaction, there’s no time like the present to let them know, and ask what they carry in titanium. Make sure you do so well in advance, though, so they can order something for you if they don’t have anything in stock.

In my experience, most piercers keep surgical steel on hand, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to let them know you prefer titanium in advance.

What Kind of Titanium Jewelry Can I Get?

There’s TONS out there to choose from in terms of selection for titanium jewelry, though not quite what you might be used to with surgical steel. All the same, FreshTrends carries titanium body jewelry for:

This includes straight and curved barbells, as well as captive bead rings and industrial bars. Pretty much any piercing you have, we carry titanium jewelry options for it.

Pretty Titanium Jewelry

Titanium Body Jewelry

The thing about a lot of titanium jewelry is that the design is usually pretty utilitarian. Lots of function, not a lot of form.

Don’t worry babes, FreshTrends has got your back 😉 We’ve just upped the ante on this ultra-pure jewelry, with a ton of new options designed to work well with anyone’s body chemistry, and look good doing it. Check out the whole line here.

If you’re the kind of wearer that’s prone to reactions and has a tough time finding jewelry that doesn’t make you swell and ooze like crazy, give titanium a try. It’s not your mall shop body jewelry, and the quality is just out of this world.

Shop our titanium body jewelry here.

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