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By Meghan O'Neal 01/03/2023

New year, new you! As cliche as it is to say, the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, whether it’s through the changing of habits, goals, or aesthetics.


This also makes it the optimal time to try out that new piercing you’ve always wanted. It’s amazing how something as small as a piercing can transform you. It might be just what you need to transition your mindset into the new you that you’re trying to be.


Deciding that you want a piercing is the easy part. Figuring out which piercing you want to get poses more of a challenge. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide featuring six of the hottest piercing trends for 2023.

1. Multiple ear piercings

Multiple ear piercings, both in the cartilage and the lobes, have been the defining piercing trend of the 2020s. It makes sense; the ear is the one place on the body where you can go all out for your piercing style while remaining professional and socially accepted. While piercings, in general, are gaining more mainstream acceptance, ear piercings are firmly in the “a-okay” category, making them ideal for career-oriented piercees.


Because the ears present a wide canvas upon which you can cultivate a range of arrangements, it’s ripe for multiple piercings. Get three or four lobe piercings in a straight line, triangular shape, or whatever your lobe can handle. Cultivate a more focused look with the ever-popular constellation piercing style. Or, get ear piercings as your whim takes you—eclectic styles are also very much in fashion.


Whatever style you prefer, now is the time to get all of the piercings that you desire in your lobe or cartilage.

Bead Chain Dangle 14k Gold Earrings
Trinity Diamond Bar 14K Gold Flat Back Earring
2mm CZ High-Set 14k Gold Flat Back Earring

2. Outer conch (contra) piercing

Perhaps because of the vast popularity of cartilage piercings, piercees have sought out new areas to pierce the ear. This has led to the introduction of a new piercing type: the contra conch.


The outer conch (or contra conch) piercing helps to fill in empty spaces in your cultivated cartilage look. A lesser-known piercing, it sits a little lower on the flat part of the cartilage in the inner ear, helping to separate the lower and upper parts of the inner cartilage. This placement begs for gemstones or dainty charms that will help to complete any cartilage style. While it looks fantastic on its own, it begs to be complemented by other cartilage piercings.

Opal Wildflower Dangle 14K Gold Flat Back Earring
White Sapphire 5 Pears Crescent 14k Gold Stud
Triple Cubic Zirconia Flat Back Earring

3. Septum piercing

Like multiple ear piercings, septum piercings saw a resurgence in popularity in the late 20-teens and early 2020s, and it has remained on its trendy throne. Although it does not boast the same corporate acceptance as cartilage piercings, it can easily be hidden with the right jewelry, which perhaps lent to its rise to fame; those who sport a septum piercing can display it proudly with bold and beautiful jewelry options, but when it’s time to get professional, they can don a circular barbell and flip it inside the nose, making their bosses and clients none the wiser as to its appearance.


We love the septum piercing for its bold statement. It tells the world that you are proud of your style and unabashed to show it off. Septum styles of the 2020s fully embrace this declaration; while subtle styles like seamless rings remain, intricate hoops and bolder designs are quickly becoming the septum jewelry style of choice. 

Diamond Beads 14k Gold Clicker Ring
14K Gold Circular Barbell
Four Diamonds Seamless Ring Hoop

4. Lip piercing

The Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2023 catwalk was filled with lip piercing looks to adore. If it’s to be believed (and, as the fashion driver, it should be), labret piercings with bold jewelry choices are very in vogue.


While large jewelry might not be suitable for daily wear on the lips, we love the look for when you want to catch the eye on a night out. What better way to celebrate the new you than with a daring look that cannot be ignored?


When you don’t feel like adorning your labret with large hoops or gemstones, you can always fill it, instead, with a sleek seamless hoop, dainty gemstone, or other more petite lip piercing choices. Either way, it offers an aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression.

Gem Cluster 14k Gold Flat Back Stud
2.5mm Diamond Radial Milgrain Flat Back Stud
Three Diamonds Side-Set Seamless Ring Hoop

5. Snakebite ear piercing

Aligning with the multiple ear piercing look, snakebite ear piercings are another 2023 piercing trend that you can’t miss. Consisting of two piercings placed closely together, this style can appear on any suitable portion of the ear, including the lobe, the helix, the auricle, or the flat. Filled with two dainty gemstones, it offers a super cute look that’s sleek, sophisticated, and unique.


While snakebite piercings are usually filled with flat-back cartilage earring styles, they also look fantastic filled with hoops, circular barbells, or other jewelry styles, especially if you want them to stand out. And, after all, when it’s a new you, don’t you want others to notice?

3mm Tiny Heart Artisan Polished 14K Gold Flat Back
2.5mm Diamond Bezel-Set 14k Gold Flat Back
3mm Tiny Disc Artisan Polished 14K Gold Flat Back

6. Charm jewelry

A new piercing doesn’t have to be the only way that you adjust your look in 2023. Buying new jewelry can have the same effect. This year, charm jewelry is absolutely the way to go.


The 2020s have loved mix-and-match looks, and the rise in charm jewelry is a direct result of this trend. With cute and fun charms, you can easily create a bold, eclectic look that’s both cultivated and seemingly random. While charms provide a whimsical quality, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be high-class. Fill your piercings with strawberries, wine glasses, and even marijuana leaves that are made of solid 14k gold and feature genuine gemstones. 


Our collection of charm jewelry allows you to simultaneously elevate your look and add an element of fanciful fun to your body jewelry collection. The new you will absolutely adore it.

Sometimes, to reinvent or rediscover ourselves, all it takes is a small aesthetic change. A new piercing or jewelry style can bring your internal changes to the external world. Shop FreshTrends now to find the jewelry styles that complement the person that you will be in 2023.

Strawberry Emerald 14K Gold Seamless Ring Hoop
Star Diamond Pave Chain Accessory
Pineapple 14K Gold Flat Back Earring

Meghan O'Neal

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