Who can resist the exotic, symbolic characters and striking cultural designs of Asian tattoos? Millions of people have gotten Chinese written characters tattooed and there is good reason why; the symbolism and meaning make for beautiful expressions. With written languages far more complex and much more visually appealing than what the West has to offer, it is self-explanatory why they are so common.

Tattoos are very common across Asia, and the traditions go back thousands of years. Throughout China, India, and Indonesia, tattoos have a long history. In Japan, the tattoo culture has been in existence for around 5000 years. Many of the most popular modern Asian tattoo designs have been inspired by Japanese art and symbols. Dragons stand for power, strength, courage, prosperity, wisdom, and freedom. Geishas are a symbol of beauty, serenity, and peace. Koi fish symbolize luck, positive energy, strength, and individuality. Lotus blooms are signs of wisdom, personal growth, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment. Cherry blossoms are the ultimate symbol of beauty, revered across Asia, and especially in China and Japan.

For some people, their reasons for doing this style of body art are very deep and meaningful, while others are simply enamored by the beauty and style of Asian motifs, and gladly wear them as art on their bodies. No question, they are incredible!

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  • Rahul Ghare

    June 4, 2019at8:13 am

    This was very informative. Thanks for this blog.

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