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After your piercing heals, you might be surprised at the versatility of your new piercing. Depending on the piercing location—surface piercings, for example, can really only accept one jewelry type, lest you risk jewelry rejection—you can often decorate your piercing with jewelry styles that you never even imagined. Beyond new and unique aesthetics, if you pair a piercing with another piercing type, it can completely transform your look. 

If you’re the kind of person who really wants their piercings to stand out from the masses, then you’re likely on the lookout for the hottest body jewelry trends. Whether you want a new way to dress up an old piercing or you’re trying to decide what to get pierced next, here are some piercing ideas that we love.

1. The ornate daith

If you stick your finger in your ear canal, you should feel a thick flap of cartilage directly above. Pinch that flap of cartilage, and you’ve found the location of the daith piercing

The daith piercing has grown in popularity over the past few years for a couple of reasons. Namely, they’re super adorable, and there’s a rumor (that’s anecdotally supported but has no scientific backing) that getting pierced in this location can help minimize migraine pain.

Often, you’ll see daith piercings decorated with a simple hoop or captive bead ring. The unique location of this piercing offers allure enough, and even subtle jewelry types tend to stand out.

However, if you really want your daith piercing to shine, opt for more ornate jewelry choices. Depending on the size of your ear, you’ll probably be able to fit large and elaborate hoop styles, making your daith piercing the centerpiece of any cartilage party.

2. Septum clicker and segment hoops

Clicker and segment hoops are so-named for their insertion styles. Clickers use a hinged mechanism that opens and closes for easy insertion into the piercing while segment hoops have a piece that’s removed completely when you put in or take out your jewelry. These styles offer ease of use for hard-to-reach piercings like the septum piercing.

Because they’re so easy to use, you can choose more intricate jewelry styles. These bold looks are great for parties, a night of dancing, or any time you want your septum piercing to truly stand out.

3. Helix rings

The helix piercing is far from a new piercing style. Located in the upper cartilage of the ear, this piercing is probably the first thing you think of when someone says, “cartilage piercing.”

Although you see helix piercings almost everywhere these days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make this piercing your own. Opt for multiple helix piercings for a bold hoop look lining the ear. A row of three seamless hoops dangling from the rim of your cartilage remains socially acceptable among the majority of groups, so you might even be able to wear them in the office, and it still stands out from the plethora of helix piercings out there.

4. Minimalist stud sequence

If you’re the type who can’t stop getting pierced, but you’re also a professional who needs to take personal appearance into consideration when it comes to career advancement, then consider decorating your cartilage party with minimalist studs.

The key to a minimized cartilage party is choosing dainty jewelry options, possibly interspersed with a cute charm here or there. High quality jewelry options can also class-up the minimalist look, especially when decorated with genuine gemstones and diamonds. 

5. Multiple nose piercings

Like the helix piercing, nose rings are adorable, but they’re far from unique. In fact, they’ve entered into the realm of professionally acceptable piercings for many companies, and it’s not uncommon to see nose rings gracing the faces of upper-level professionals.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make your nose ring your own. Instead of getting your nostril pierced once, get two right next to each other. Decorated with dainty gemstones or two seamless hoops, it creates a stunning look while maintaining the professionalism of the single nostril piercing.

Or, go a little more unique by getting both nostrils pierced or combining a septum piercing with a nostril piercing.

6. Put a hoop in your conch piercing

If you already have a conch piercing, you might decorate it with a cartilage stud, which seems to be the most common jewelry for this piercing style. For a bolder look, invest in a large hoop that goes through your conch piercing and around the edge of your ear. If you have a cartilage party, this serves to break up your studded look in an interesting way and adds an aesthetic that’s a little more interesting than simple studs.

While it’s most common to wear hoops in an inner conch piercing, you can wear a hoop in an outer conch piercing as well.

7. Put shields and cuffs in your cartilage

Hoops and studs are great, but sometimes you need something a little bit extra. Shields and cuffs are larger pieces of jewelry that wrap around the rim of your cartilage. Usually worn in helix and auricle piercings, they make for a bold jewelry choice perfect for those who love larger jewelry.

Shields will typically dangle the length of the ear and are best worn in helix piercings while cuffs are a little smaller and can be worn pretty much anywhere that they can wrap around the side of the ear.

8. Medusa-septum combo

Once relegated to the ranks of the punk scene, lip piercings are certainly making a comeback. This time, we’re seeing more than the standard side labret style; the Monroe, Medusa, and Madonna piercings have become popular choices for ladies wanting to emulate the look of a beauty mark.

A combination that we love is the Medusa and septum piercings. The Medusa is centered above the upper lip in the philtrum. Since it’s directly below where the septum piercing takes place, one can have a lot of fun pairing the jewelry of these two piercings. We recommend donning a dainty gemstone flat back stud with a more elaborate septum clicker ring for a look that won’t go ignored.

9. Spiral barbells

Spiral jewelry captures the look of a hoop with the beaded style of a barbell. With their twist, they created a double-pierced aesthetic with only one piercing.

The spiral barbell look is perfect for those who would love to sport the multiple-helix look without undergoing the needle twice. Don’t just stop at the cartilage. Spiral barbells can also be worn in pretty much any piercing that accepts a hoop for those looking for a statement that’s slightly bolder than a simple ring.

10. Piercing accessories

Maybe you’ve cultivated a jewelry collection that you love, but you want a little something extra. Instead of investing in an entirely new piece of jewelry, try some jewelry accessories to completely transform your favorite stud.

A simple chain turns any stud into a hoop or dangle piercing, creating an alluring look with a simple add-on. And, when you want to go back to a standard stud aesthetic, simply take the chain off.

You don’t have to buy an entirely new piece of jewelry in order to have an entirely new piece of jewelry. Get creative with add-ons and accessories.

Just because the piercing world is becoming mainstream doesn’t mean that your piercings can’t be unique. Get creative with your jewelry, opt for double pierced styles, and add some flair to your favorite body jewelry items, and your piercings will once again be the envy of everyone around.

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