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When does body modification go too far?

When does body modification go too far? Is there such a thing as going too far? What drives people to perform these acts of “extreme” body modification? Are people that are doing this type of extreme body mods just to be different? Or is this just a form... Continue Reading

How to choose a piercer

Choosing a piercer shouldn’t be a hard thing. Taking your time and following a few basic guidelines will make finding a quality piercer much easier. If you are lucky and live in a well sized city you will have a few options on where to go to get your piercing.... Continue Reading
Body-Art: Scarification

Body-Art: Scarification

Of all the ways we have to mark the body in our wide-ranging western cultures, scarification has a few people quite shocked, and understandably so. Pictures of flesh chiseled off the body would have anyone thinking of what they had for breakfast. But, as you can tell... Continue Reading
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