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What You Should Know When Getting New Piercings

What You Should Know When Getting New Piercings

Are you thinking of getting a shiny new bellybutton ring? Is it time for you to move on to new territory and explore body jewelry in other, more interesting places? Or are you simply one of those people who want more and more of something that they love? No matter what the situation is – if you’re in the market to have any area of your body pierced, whether new or familiar – here’s what you should definitely know before taking the plunge.

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Bioplast Jewelry – What, Why, How is it Better?

If you like your bling and are regularly on the look out for new piercing ideas, chances are you’ve come across bioplast hypoallergenic body jewelry. Bioplast jewelry is the new big trend in piercing, and we predict it will slowly take over from regular metallic jewelry. Here’s what you need to know about it…

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Jewelry Removal

There are three basic styles of body jewelry and many variations on those styles. The three styles are a bead ring (fig.A), captive bead (fig.B), and circular barbell/barbell (fig.C). There is never any need to cut body jewelry for removal. Even momentary removal of... Continue Reading

How to Calm Down Before Getting a Piercing or a Tattoo

You know that feeling you get, right before you walk into the dentist’s office? That feeling of dread, where you just know something is ‘gonna hurt’? Well, getting a piercing or tattoo is just the same. Even though they’ll probably be some pain involved – the bottom line is that you are going in to get fabulous and then on your way out you can show it off! Like with anything in life where we know we’re going to have to suffer some growing pains, there are a few approaches to dealing with the situation.

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Problem: Metal Allergy

Allergic Reactions: • Problem: Metal Allergy • Cause: Inferior Jewelry used (contains too much nickel or other irritating alloy) • Indications: Tissue appears to “retreat” from the offending metal Patient may present with complaints of itching, burning and/or... Continue Reading

Jewelry: Size/Style

Jewelry: Size/Style • Jewelry in a healing piercing should be of appropriate length or diameter. Too tight/small jewelry will not allow for air and blood circulation, some movement during cleaning, and for the expulsion of normal exudate from the wound. It may imbed,... Continue Reading

Body Piercing Troubleshooting

For You and Your Healthcare Professional

The following information is based on a combination of vast professional experience, research, extensive clinical body piercing practice, and common sense. It has been compiled with the input and assistance of medical professionals who are trained, experienced piercers.

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