Alternative Wedding Rings

The first time I saw tattoo wedding rings was on this beautiful young woman I looked up to. Since then I have always thought that if I get married I would do something unique like matching tattoos for a wedding ring.

Tattoo Wedding Rings

Tattoo Wedding Rings

Another unique alternative to regular wedding rings or engagement rings is finger piercing. Finger piercings could be done for weddings or engagements.

There are so many different choices, whether you get a piece that is a brave twist on a traditional design, like this impressive one below in gold with a diamond, or it could be a nice simple barbell.

Alternative Wedding Ring 2

Alternative Wedding Ring 2

You could also get a ring that goes around your finger with the piercing through the bottom.

Piercing at the bottom!

Piercing at the bottom!

A microdermal piercing on the finger ring would also be nice. The gem looks like it’s sitting on the skin. There’s a flat metal bit under your skin that holds it there.

Microdermal Wedding Ring

Microdermal Wedding Ring

I think the bond that is created by going to share the exhilarating pain of a tattoo or piercing will be more of a bond than just shopping for a wedding ring.

The one thing to remember about a finger piercing is that this is a piercing that generally takes a really long time to heal (up to a year) and you have to be so, so careful not to catch it on anything like your clothes, doors, etc and since your hands are in contact with so many things that are covered in bacteria on a daily basis, you have to be extra careful to keep those hands clean all the time. Read more about cleaning your piercing.

Do you have a unique alternative for your wedding or engagement? Send your picture to and we’ll add it to the list.

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5 Responses to “Alternative Wedding Rings”

  1. amber says:

    My question its with the gold one how was it done? There is three holes

  2. paul says:

    I think the part with the diamond on it is a little threaded bar that screws into the main ring. The ring goes in 1st, then they pierce the third hole, push the bar with the diamond into the hole and turn it so it threads into the main ring, and voila!
    I’m pretty sure the body would reject this type of piercing over time and gradually push it out of the finger.

  3. tawny says:

    So what happens if and when you get pregnant? Ur fingers will get swollen!!

  4. alex says:

    i tattoo ive been working for a good while, im all for piercings and expression of the body, but i believe that in the case of marriage, i prefer a traditional wedding band , not a tattoo or piercing

  5. Kayla says:

    My concern with this stuff is that the hands are high traffic areas, and very dirty, so theres always a chance of infection or migration and stuff. This is cute, sure, but theres risks involved, its not all rainbows and fluffy kittens with body mods. You have to be committed to keeping those things clean and healthy

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